ASUS Prime Z270-A Motherboard Review

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Gaming Performance Testing

3DMark TimeSpy

ASUS Prime Z270-A

ASUS Prime Z270-A 3DMark TimeSpy

Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto V

ASUS Prime Z270-A

ASUS Prime Z270-A Grand Theft Auto V

Codemasters: Dirt Rally

ASUS Prime Z270-A

ASUS Prime Z270-A Dirt Rally

Eidos: Thief

ASUS Prime Z270-A

ASUS Prime Z270-A Thief

CD Projekt: Witcher 3

ASUS Prime Z270-A

ASUS Prime Z270-A Witcher 3

Legit Reviews Gaming Performance Results: For gaming, while we saw a small performance increase across the board, it wasn’t anything as dramatic as the General Performance Testing showed.  For the games we tested, only the Witcher 3 showed any significant increase in gaming performance, with a 4.7% increase in scores.  Even once overclocked the performance gains were minimal for gaming.

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  • John Matus

    My MOBO died after 2 hours…! What a joke Asus has become! Will never buy another piece of crap made by Asus.

  • chiefster

    Which M2 slot did you use, and any BIOS setting changes. i’m trying to determine if the M.2_1 slot is X4 speed or if I need to use the M.2_2 slot and set the speed to X4 in the BIOS.

    • Steven Kean

      Would’ve used M.2_1 as that’s the primary.

  • Convoite

    Do you know if I put a 212 evo cooler on here will it cover the ram slots?

    • Steven Kean

      Not entirely familiar with that cooler to be honest, my guess is that as long as you’re not using memory with high heatspreaders, it shouldn’t be an issue. Might be tight if it overhangs the slots, but my guess is that it would fit. Sorry not much help with that cooler.

      • Stu Bora

        Yes, it will fit without the heat spreaders

  • Canadian Doge

    Could i boot a pcie ssd on this motherboard