ASUS Prime Z270-A Motherboard Review



ASUS Prime Z270-A
ASUS Prime Z270-A BIOS EZ-Mode

The ASUS UEFI BIOS is designed for all levels of users, the EZ Mode you can enable the Intel XMP profile, change boot priority, set the automatic system performance level, and see a wealth of information that is highly useful. For those that want to get into finer detail, the Advanced Mode is where you’ll want to turn your attention to.

The Advanced Mode, looks very similar to the classic BIOS screens with enhancements. Each of the main menu screens are laid out so a user can quickly and easily find the appropriate setting to adjust within the 8 main menu options. The MAIN menu is mostly for informational purposes only, it does allow you to adjust the date/time and language. AI Tweaker is where the main overclocking and system performance options will be found. Advanced is broken down into many sub-menu’s allowing for adjustments over a wide array of components on the motherboard. Monitor is so you can disable certain sensors on the motherboard, while Boot allows you to adjust boot up settings. The Tools menu is where you find the ASUS Flash and Secure Erase utilities. Other sub-menu’s provide additional information on other features.

ASUS Prime Z270-A
ASUS Prime Z270-A CPU Overclocked

Most people looking to overclock the Prime Z270-A won’t have an issue finding their way around in the AI Tweaker menu. For those that just want to do a quick overclock, you can quickly adjust all four CPU cores by the CPU Core Ratio. With it set at Sync All Cores, all available cores will run at the same speed, or you can set it to adjust all four cores to different speeds depending on your needs. Further down is another sub-menu where you can adjust the voltages to the CPU.

ASUS Prime Z270-A
ASUS Prime Z270-A DDR4 Speed

The ASUS Prime Z270-A supports memory up to 4266MHz! With a simple drop down, ASUS does a nice job at making sure you know the exact speed you are wanting to set the memory to by listing the speed, rather than a multiplier.