ASUS N81Vp Gaming Notebook Review

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Battery Life and Image Quality

ASUS N81Vp Notebook Battery

Battery life is one of the most important benchmarks for any mobile device. The ASUS N81Vp comes with a 6-cell 4800mAh battery. The Movie Playback test was run while playing a DVD in the optical drive on the N81Vp, but while playing a ripped DVD video from the HDD on the N10Jc.

Battery Life

There was a 20-30 minute difference in battery life between running in Battery Saver mode and High Performance mode on the N81Vp. The low power consumption of the N10Jc shows the main benefit of current netbooks: battery life.

Image Quality

ASUS N81Vp Notebook DVD Quality

The N81Vp does a great job on video quality by incoporating the ATI Radeon Mobility HD4650. The above screen shot from the movie 300 shows some great quality in the gory battles!

ASUS N81Vp Notebook Gaming Quality

Playing Left4Dead was great on the ASUS N81Vp. We turned up the eye candy to medium settings with high details and turned on 2xAA/4xAF and did not have any stuttering problems. We were able to hold off the horde with minimal damage! Click on the screen shots for a full-sized screenshot.

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