Antec High Current Pro 1000W Platinum PSU Review


Testing results (Efficiency, Noise & Thermal)

We did expect very high efficiency from a power
supply bearing the 80Plus Platinum efficiency certification; however, that does
not make the efficiency of the HCP-1000 any less impressive. The HCP-1000
reaches up to 94.3% efficiency when loaded at 50% capacity and powered by a
230VAC source. Even when powered from a 110VAC power source, where the
efficiency takes a hit of about 1%, the power supply maintains an efficiency of
over 91% across most of the capacity range. It will take years for switching
power supplies to become considerably better than that.

It is only natural for a power supply that
efficient to generate very little heat. As such, the HCP-1000 runs very cool
and quiet, with the maximum temperature delta being just over 7C, a remarkable
figure for a unit delivering a full kW of DC power at the time of the
recording. Under typical usage, most users should never feel the body of the
power supply getting hot at all.

Delta fans have a reputation for being
notoriously strong (and loud) but the thermal control of the HCP-1000 works
well enough, keeping the power supply silent up to 60% load. If the unit
becomes heavily loaded however, the speed of the fan increases quickly, trying
to keep the power supply as cool as possible. This behavior explains the
outstanding thermal performance of the power supply, on the other hand however
the HCP-1000 becomes very loud if loaded above 80% capacity.

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