Antec High Current Pro 1000W Platinum PSU Review


Unboxing the HCP-1000

The box

Antec likes understated designs and the packaging
of the HCP-1000 power supply bears no exception. Despite it being one of the
company’s best products, the packaging is very simple, with virtually no
artwork at all. What really matters though is the protection it can provide to
the unit during transport, which is more than sufficient.

The rear of the box

The features of the power supply are being
listed on the similarly plain and dull black back side of the cardboard box, in
6 languages. Antec should really ease up on the marketing department though, as
they are clearly overdoing it. For example, one of the unit’s features is
claiming that it could “Reduce your electricity bill by up to 25%”.
No, there is not even a snowball’s chance in hell that would happen, even if
your only electric device is your PC tower and you move from the simplest APFC
power supply to this one.

Items bundled with the HCP-1000

Antec supplies only a few black mounting
screws, an A/C power cable and two high quality cable straps with the company
logo printed on them alongside with this unit. As this unit is fully modular
though, the company also supplies a bag full of the unit’s cables. The unit
itself comes supplied in another cloth-alike bag, which can be reused.

Modular cables of the HCP-1000

The modular cables of the HCP-1000 are pretty
standard, with normal color-coded cables and simple black sleeving covering
them. It is interesting to note that one of the PCI Express cables is
“enhanced”, allowing each of the two connectors to be fed from
different 12V lines, whereas the other four cables feed both of their PCI Express
connectors from the same 12V line.

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