ACER Switch 11 Pro 2-in-1 Laptop Review


Acer Switch 11 Battery Testing and Boot Times

PCMark 8 Battery


PCMark will analyze the battery usage while running the Home test, it is reporting that it expects the battery to last just under 4 hours. In comparison, the Lenovo Helix receives just under 2 hours of time with PCMark 8.

The workload on the system can play a big factor in battery life. While PCMark 8 estimated the battery would last just under 4 hours, we wanted to see how long it would last under real world conditions. To test the battery life, we ran a 1080p video on a loop, at full screen and full volume to see how it does. In these conditions, the battery lasted just over 6 hours, approximately 2 hours more than PCMark 8 Home Battery Life test estimated.

BootRacer 4.9


After using the Switch 11 for a couple of weeks, running all the Windows 8.1 updates, installing all the benchmarks, auto-login to Steam, Office 2013, along with a wireless connection, we tested the boot speed. We did no optimizations to the system to make it boot faster. Using BootRacer it reported 26.328 seconds to boot up and have the system ready to go. Of course depending on what other applications you install the boot time could slow down if they run at startup.