ACER Switch 11 Pro 2-in-1 Laptop Review


ACER Switch 11 Unboxing

ACER packages the Aspire Switch 11 in a pretty standard retail oriented box. The front presents a view of the Switch in laptop mode and undocked/tablet mode. Like most laptop boxes, on the sides of the box you’ll find the specifications the laptop such as the CPU, memory and storage, but no specific features.


When the box is opened, you are presented with a multi-layered interior. When the first protective layer is removed, you find the tablet portion of the Switch 11, and in a little compartment next to the tablet is the power supply.


The second tray includes the keyboard dock which is placed in a fabric bag to keep it from getting scratched. This is common packaging for this type of hardware, that’s because it does the job at keeping it protected in shipment.


Hidden beneath the keyboard is the ACER Active Pen and various documentation including a quick user guide and warranty information.


Other than the tablet and keyboard dock, Acer includes various other accessories to make full use of the Switch. Obviously they have to provide a power supply, and they include an Active Pen powered by a AAA battery.


Let’s take a quick look at the Tablet and Keyboard dock before powering it up and taking a look at how it performs.