7-Way 550-600 Watt Power Supply Roundup Review


Voltage Regulation & Ripple Suppression

Be Quiet’s Dark Power Pro 10 550W unit dominates the electrical performance charts, closely followed by Seasonic’s G-Series 550W power supply. Corsair however surprised us; the CX600M and the GS600 displayed better filtering than the InWin Commander III and also the value-oriented CX600M delivered performance similar to that of the more expensive GS600 as well. The Thermaltake TR2 and Cougar PowerX both delivered acceptable electrical performance, nothing unforeseen from products designed with maximum value in mind. It is noteworthy to mention that once overloaded, the more expensive contenders have their performance only slightly reduced, while the two budget-level power supplies have their voltage ripple figures flying well over the ATX power design limits.

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