Zaward Generation 3 Golf Fan 120mm & 140mm Review

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Unboxing the ZG3-140C

ZG3-140C Box Front

Starting off as usual, we have the ZG3-140C Box front with the only major difference being the fan shown and the fact that this model is unusually rated just a tad higher than the ZG3-120C at 11dB(A).

ZG3-140C Box Back

On the back of the box, it’s the same story. We’ve got the fan specs and a few blurbs about design.

ZG3-140C Fan Specifications:


 Dimensions  140 x 140 x 25mm
 Fan Speed  800±250rpm
 Bearing Type  Duro bearing
 Max Airflow  64.37 CFM
 Noise Level  11.0dB(A)
 Operating Voltage  12v
 Life Expectancy  60,000 Hrs
 Net Weight  145.4g
 Color  frame: transparent black ; blade: blue
 LED  None

Nothing terribly special about these specs, though I do wish they would have given a temperature curve for the Life Expectancy (MTBF).

ZG3-140C Fan Front

An interesting note here is that the fan design of the SG3-140C is actually the same as the ZG3-120C. Normally, when a company decides to put out different sized fans in a line up, each fan size has its own unique blade design. Each level may have a lot in common, but it’s rare we see the exact size design sized up for the next fan.

ZG3-140C Accessories

Again, the same accessory pack as the ZG3-120C. Let’s hop strait into testing to see if these fans can really do what they say.

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