Digital Storm Bolt II Small Form Factor PC Review

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Bolt II Gaming Performance

Battlefield 4


Battlefield 4 being a fairly modern game with a rather large player base was a great benchmark. It can still dominate many video cards today, but for the 780 Ti, this proved to be a game it could handle well. With the settings on Ultra and benchmarking the opening scene to Shanghai (campaign), we got an average frame rate of 84.576fps from the fraps readout!


Metro: Last Light

Digital Storm Bolt 2 Metro LL Settings

Metro Last Light is still a fairly new game, released May 2013, that has the ability to punish just about whatever comes its way. In this test we maxed out the settings, but left SSAA off. We came in with an average of 70.67fps.

Digital Storm Bolt 2 Metro Last Light

Sleeping Dogs

Digital Storm Bolt 2 Sleeping Dogs Settings

Sleeping Dogs is about 2 years old now, but its benchmark can be challenging for many video cards. You can even get a high resolution texture pack if you want to challenge it more, but for this test we stuck with the stock textures, setting the graphics level to Extreme. We came in with an average frame rate of 56.3fps.

Digital Storm Bolt 2 Sleeping Dogs Benchmark Results

Tomb Raider

Digital Storm Bolt 2 Tomb Raider Settings

Tomb Raider is a little bit older game but is still graphically pleasing, in which we were able to get an average of 88.5fps with the settings set to Ultimate.

Digital Storm Bolt 2 Tomb Raider Benchmark

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  • Brian Nyhuis

    You know, that’s a very good question Loki. Basically what you have to do is remove a total of six screws, two which hold on the video card to the black plate, and four that hold the black plate to the chassis. Two of the screws are on the rear of the case, two are on the bottom of the bracket. Once you have that removed, you will end up flipping a white switch (See center of attached picture), which will release it from the PCIe slot. Disconnect the power connectors and then carefully pull out the video card. The little daughter board that the video card is connected to is connected to the motherboard via a flexible ribbon, so you don’t have to be super careful.

    It’s a little bit tedious, but it isn’t overall a giant pain by any means.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • loki42

    Any idea on how to change that graphics card? Does that black cage swing outward to give you access?