Crucial MX200 and BX100 Series SSD Review

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Battle Of The Budget SSDs – Crucial MX200 and BX100

Crucial and Micron have been hard and heavy in the SSD arena and since they are also a big player in the semiconductor business they have a good foundation for the storage media platform. We had a look at the MX100 drive back in June of ’14 and we found that the performance was very good and the pricing was very attractive. They’ve now released the follow up drive in the MX200 series along with a more budget friendly BX100 series. They sent us over some samples to evaluate and see what improvements they’ve made. They are really targeting to cover both entry level and mainstream consumers with these drives and as a spoiler we’ll say that they did a pretty good job.


The BX100 is powered by a Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller which is one we haven’t had on our test bench before so it will be interesting to see how it performs. The MX200 gets the same Marvell 88SS9189 controller we saw on the MX100 but likely with firmware updates as there are some new features. The BX100 only comes in the 2.5″ form factor with capacities of 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB. It’s more of a budget oriented drive with less features than the MX200 though performance specifications are close to the MX200 in reads at 535MB/s but writes range from 185MB/s to 450MB/s depending on the drive size.

The MX200 comes in three flavors – 2.5″, mSATA, and M.2. All come is 250GB and 500GB capacities with the 2.5″ adding 1TB as well. The MX200 drives have a new feature for the smaller capacity drives called Dynamic Write Acceleration which uses an “adaptable pool of high speed” SLC NAND to help keep performance humming along although we won’t see it on either of the two MX200 drives we are testing as they are large enough to provide an amply array of NAND modules. The MX200 also features AES 256-bit and TCG Opal 2.0 hardware encryption capabilities, DevSleep support, and adaptive thermal protection to mitigate excessive heat that might otherwise damage the drive. All MX200 and BX100 drives carry the same 3-year warranty and an estimated 1.5 million hours MTTF.

Crucial MX200 & BX100

Crucial BX100 Specifications and features:

Capacity: 120GB 250GB 500GB 1TB
Part Number: CT120BX100SSD1 CT250BX100SSD1 CT500BX100SSD1 CT1000BX100SSD1
Amazon Pricing: $68.15 Shipped $99.00 Shipped $179.99 shipped $379.99 shipped
Box Contents: 2.5″ (7 mm) SSD 7 mm – 9.5 mm spacer 2.5″ (7 mm) SSD 7 mm – 9.5 mm spacer 2.5″ (7 mm) SSD 7 mm – 9.5 mm spacer 2.5″ (7 mm) SSD 7 mm – 9.5 mm spacer
Seq Read MB/s: 535 535 535 535
Seq Write MB/s: 185 370 450 450
Rdm Read IOPS: 87k 87k 90k 90k
Rdm Write IOPS: 43k 70k 70k 70k

Crucial MX200 Specifications and features:

Form Factor: 2.5″
Capacity: 250GB 500GB 1TB
Part Number: CT250MX200SSD1 CT500MX200SSD1 CT1000MX200SSD1
Box Contents: 2.5″ (7mm) SSD, 7mm to 9.5mm spacer, Acronis True Image HD certificate
Amazon Pricing: $133.99 shipped $225.74 shipped $445.99 shipped
Sequential Read MB/s: 555 555 555
Sequential Write MB/s: 500 500 500
Random Read IOPS: 100k 100k 100k
Random Write IOPS: 87k 87k 87k
Dynamic Write Acceleration: Yes not required not required


Form Factor: mSATA M.2 Type 2260/2280
Capacity: 250GB 500GB 250GB 500GB
Part Number: CT250MX200SSD3 CT500MX200SSD3 CT250MX200SSD4 / CT250MX200SSD6 CT500MX200SSD4 / CT500MX200SSD6
Amazon Pricing: $123.99 $219.99 $145.41 $255.64
Box Contents: mSATA SSD, mounting screws M.2 Type 2280 SSD / M.2 Type 2260 SSD, mounting screws
Sequential Read MB/s: 555 555 555 555
Sequential Write MB/s: 500 500 500 500
Random Read IOPS: 100k 100k 100k 100k
Random Write IOPS: 87k 87k 87k 87k
Dynamic Write Acceleration: Yes Yes Yes Yes

Crucial MX200 & BX100

All of the 2.5″ drives come with a 7mm to 9.5mm spacer shim but only the MX200 2.5″ drives come with an Acronis True Image HD certificate to assist with data migration. It’s an added perk for buying the premium drive.

Let’s take a look at the inside of the Crucial MX200 and BX100 series drives.

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