XFX Speedster MERC319 Radeon RX 6800 XT Review


Boundary Benchmark & Basemark

Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game by Studio Surgical Scalpels. In this game title, players will engage in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.

Boundary made a stand-alone benchmark available to the media. We left the settings at default, but did enable and disable DLSS to see how it impacted performance.


BasemarkGPU was introduced back in 2018 as a free multi-platform, multi-API 3D graphics benchmark. The benchmark was written in C++ and developed using their own in-house game engine called Rocksolid. The desktop version runs an AAA quality game-like workload as each scene has tens of thousands of individual draw calls per frame. We ran this benchmark and charted the results for the DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs.