WD Blue 1TB SSD Review


WD Blue 1TB SSD Temperatures


Temperatures have always played a critical role on storage drives and in recent years we’ve seen it cause drives to fail prematurely and we’ve even seen some SSD performance results change for the worse if components were too hot or too cold. Since temperature is an important thing to keep an eye on we check the idle and load temperatures on all of the drives that we review. To get the idle temperature results we leave the drive sitting on an open air test bench in a room that is 19C. For the load numbers we use IOMeter to write 128KB to the drive sequentially for 20 minutes and record the top temperature.

WD Blue SSD Temps

The WD Blue 1TB drive had an idle temperature of 26C and we found that it topped out at 40C after doing 20 minutes of straight 128KB sequential writes across the entire drive with IOMeter. This heavy workload isn’t normal, but when doing writes to the drive we saw the temperature rise modestly. It should be noted that this drive thermally throttles when it gets too hot and we were told that would happen when the drives temperature reaches 80C. Our load temperature on the open bench desktop was 40C, so with proper airflow overheating or thermal throttling shouldn’t ever be an issue with the WD Blue SSD series.

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