VIA PT Series Chipset Preview


Pre-Production Boards

The ABIT VT8 (PT880 Pro):


ABIT’s has a VT8 Motherboard based off the PT880 Pro chipset. It will pack four-phase power, bus speeds up to 1066MHz, AGP and PCI-E graphics slots, but only DDR1 memory slots. Because it has the older VT8237 south bridge, the board will not include HD Audio, RAID 5, or any PCI-E x1 slots. Just recently we have begun to see x1 PCIe slots hit the market, so this southbridge choice could end up interesting. ABIT is expecting boards to ship in March of 2005 based on the VIA chipset seen above.

MSI MS-7099 (PT880 Pro):


The VIA Reference PT894 Pro Board:


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