Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU Cooler Review


TRUE Spirit 140 Noise Testing

Noise testing was a highly requested item by our readers, and with this new system, we have those numbers for you!

To obtain our noise numbers, were using an Extech 407750 Sound Lever Meter with the wind screen on. This meter is placed six inches from the top side of the chassis on a level tripod. It and the PC case are placed in the exact same spot with the side panel off, as to not taint results, because the movement of just one inch can skew results.

All noise readouts are obtained at the end of the test (Idle or AIDA64) to allow the system sufficient time to get settled in. Ambient noise readout was gathered from only the system fans running not any component in the cooler.


Click the chart below to view it full-sized and easier to read.

Overall Results: This air cooler was whisper quiet at idle I couldnt tell the difference between ambient and system powered on. Looking at the data we find that the noise difference between idle and full load is minimal.