Super Talent 2GB Mega Screen MP3 Player Review


Lets Look at the Player in Action

The interface has six main menus: Mode, Sound, Play Mode, Display, Time, and Settings. By pressing the M button on the D-Pad you can bring up these menus. Pressing on the track-skip buttons allows you to navigate through the different menus. To clear out of one of these menus, the user must press the Key Lock Button. It may take some time to get used to navigating these menus.

The Sound Menu allows the user to choose what sound equalizer he or she would like to use. The choices include Flat, Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Classic.

The Play Mode allows the user to set the Play Set and the Play Speed. Play Set determines whether songs are randomized or not. These settings do not work all that well. It took the reviewer a day of fiddling with the different settings before he was able to get it to work somewhat correctly. Even now, the random function does not work correctly. The Play Speed menu allows the user to set the play speed from 70% to 100%.

Display Mode allows the user to determine how the time of each file displayed, whether time elapsed or the time remaining appears on the screen. Also, there is a setting that allows the user to display the ID3 Tag, or the File Name on the main screen. Another setting is the scroll speed of the song titles. The final menus include Language Selection, and Back Light Time.

The Time Menu allows you to set the Sleep Timer, the Auto-off Feature, and the Clock Time. The player does not display the main window features at all times. After a few seconds, it defaults to a screen saver like feature where the time bounces around the screen.

Another menu is the Setting Menu, which allows you to control settings for Recording and FM Radio, view the Information about the player, Upgrade your Firmware, or Format the player.

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