Super Talent 2GB Mega Screen MP3 Player Review


Whats in the Box?

We received the 2GB Flash Player, the greatest capacity Super Talent offers. The Player comes packaged in a small box, the front cover of which flips open to reveal the Player Unit. Writing on the packaging indicates that a 4GB player also exists. Whether a 4GB player is actually in the works is unknown, but it would be a good asset if Super Talent truly wants to compete with Apple.

One thing that struck me immediately is that this player is light and small. The player is half the width of a floppy, and as thick as three floppy disks.

The bundle includes a pair of earbuds, a USB cable, the Unit itself, a Manual, and a Driver CD

The player utilizes a 1.5 262K Color active matrix OLED Display that displays at 128X128 Pixels. The display is sufficiently bright, bright enough to light a dark room.

The units controls are directly below the OLED screen. From right to left they include a Play/Pause Button, a Record Button, A Key Lock Button, and an FM Radio Button. Below those buttons are the main navigation buttons, assembled on a D-Pad. The Up button raises the volume, down lowers the volume, right skips to the next track, and left skips to the previous track. The mode button, located in the middle, directs you to the main menu.

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