Plextor M6e Black Edition M.2 PCIe SSD Review


Final Thoughts & Conclusions

Plextor M6e and M6e Black

The Plextor M6e Black Edition PCIe SSD looks like an entirely drive, but it’s basically just a dressed up Plextor M6e that was introduced exactly one year ago. There have been no hardware changes on the M6e Black Edition other than the addition of a heatsink and some minor PCB tweaks. The Plextor M5e Black Edition is without a doubt the more visually appealing card that will be better suited to gamers, but it sadly doesn’t bring much new to the table. The original Plextor M6e PCIe SSD was created to solve the SATA III interface bottleneck issue. The new Plextor M6e Black Edition was created to ensure that Plextor would have a storage drive that would ascetically appeal to gamers.


If this isn’t a bit out of the ordinary to begin with this is where it gets very weird. Plextor informed Legit Reviews that when the Plextor M6e Black Edition comes to market at the end of this month it will cost less than the Plextor M6e. Plextor has no plans to discontinue the original M6e series, but the price on that model will be adjusted lower at a future time. Plextor didn’t give us exact prices on the M6e Black drives, but said we can expect them to be about $1 per GB for the M6e Black 128GB PCIe SSD and under $1 per GB for the 256 and 512GB models. The original Plextor M6e 256GB PCIe SSD (PX-AG256M6e) runs $277.01 shipped, so we expect to see the Plextor M6e Black Edition 256GB PCIe SSD (PX-256M6e-BK) to be under $250.

So, to sum up the review on the Plextor M6e Black Edition this is what we have figured out. The Plextor M6e Black Edition has been blacked out and adorned with a heatsink to better appeal to gamers. Plextor is going to be reducing the prices on their M6e PCIe SSD drives and those new prices will first be seen on the Black Edition drives and then later on the original M6e drives. The new Plextor TurboPlex 2.0 software was said to only work on the M6e Black Edition PCIs SSDs, but we found that it worked on the original M6e SSDs without issue.

We gave the original Plextor M6e our recommended award back in June 2014, so it seems only right to do it again. Plextor has improved the looks, added caching software and slashed the price, which are sure to make the Plextor M6e Black Edition PCIe SSD appealing to our readers.

Those that are wanting more performance will need to wait on the Plextor M7e Gen2 x4 PCIe SSD to come out this summer.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The Plextor M6e Black Edition PCIe SSD is nothing more than a visual refresh of the original M6e drive that came out 12 months ago.