Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full-Tower Case Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusions


When Phanteks introduced us to the Enthoo Primo, it was their top of the line case, with a top of the line price tag. Then they went the opposite direction and released the Enthoo Pro as an entry level case; while it was entry level, they didn’t skimp on the features it included. With the Enthoo Luxe, they went to the mid-range enthusiast case, and once again they did not skimp on the features. In fact, they took what people loved about the previous Enthoo cases and expanded it with a LED light controller, many cooling options, integrated cable management features and a hidden power supply. There is very little not to like about this case.


One of the extras that Phanteks has included on the Enthoo Luxe is the integrated LED lights that are on the top and front edges. The user can select between ten colors using the light controller. Also, if lighting up the inside of the case is important, Phanteks also has two optional LED light strips which can connect to the light controller on the Luxe. This ensures the lights on the interior match the lights on the exterior.


The cooling options on the Enthoo Luxe is hard to beat as well. The cooling options range from multiple locations to install liquid cooling radiators, to a wide range of air cooling options. To make all fans easy to control, Phanteks includes a PWM fan hub to utilize the PWM functions on the motherboard.

In addition to everything that is included on the Enthoo Luxe, Phanteks has made a wide range of accessories available. These include a Two in 1 SSD bracket, 1M and 2M LED light strips that connect to the integrated light controller, a universal PWM fan hub, and a universal pump bracket. Many of these can be found for less than $10.00, while the light strips are the more costly accessories priced at below $20.00.


Overall, the install went exactly as expected, the only little issue could be with the PWM cable length. This is the same issue that we encountered on the Enthoo Pro and while Phanteks cannot account for the CPU fan header across every motherboard, a few extra inches of cable or an extension would be helpful. Unless they make the cable a little longer, if you have issues with the length, there are options, alternative routing of the cable like was done for this installation, or a 12in PWM four-pin fan extension cable can be purchased for $4.93 with free shipping.

For a case that is as well built and feature rich as the Enthoo Luxe, I was expecting a $200 price tag, however the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe can be found online for $149.99 with free shipping and a five year warranty. That places the Luxe close to the middle of the pack if you just look at price, with everything that Phanteks includes on the Luxe, this is one case that is hard to beat.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: Phanteks entered the case market with the Primo and quickly made a name for themselves. Then the Enthoo Pro showed us what they can do to lower the price. With the Enthoo Luxe, they still made an incredible case while keeping the price down and didn’t cut any corners. There is plenty of room to fit the largest systems, with plenty of options to keep it cool. In addition, the ten color LED light controller gives the case a bit of flair at the touch of a button.