Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full-Tower Case Review

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Enthoo Luxe External Impressions


The Phanteks Enthoo Luxe is currently available in two models, the black model is available as part number PH-ES614L_BL, while the white model is PH-ES614L_WT.  The side panels and frame are steel, while the front panel is aluminum.  The overall dimensions of the Luxe is 235mm x 560mm x 550mm (WxHxD), or 9.25in x 22.05in x 21.65in (WxHxD) and weighs in at 13.9Kg (30.64lbs).  The front panel is slightly raised from the main part of the case to provide a wide track for some lighting highlights around the top panel and the front panel.


At first glance, it appears there are four 5.25″ device bays, however the top bay opens to reveal the standard front I/O cluster.  The front I/O cluster includes dual SuperSpeed USB 3.0, dual USB 2.0, Headphone/Microphone jacks, reset and light control.  The bay covers are solid, with a finish that makes them look like they are part of the case.


Below the 5.25″ device bays is a large area that is partially recessed with wire mesh, and has a raised portion that has the same finish as the rest of the case.  This is a nice change to the way front intakes are usually just wire mesh, it looks great on the Enthoo Luxe.


On the side, we find a large window and a smaller window.  The large window will provide an unobstructed view of the motherboard and its components, while the smaller window doesn’t really provide a view of anything other than Phanteks nameplate.


On the back of the case we find the usual items, a large 140mm exhaust fan, which can be repositioned or changed for liquid cooling, eight PCI expansion slots and the standard power supply mount.


On the back side panel, we find a solid panel.  Nothing surprising here, like the windowed side, it is held in place with two thumbscrews and a small handle is provided to swing the panel out for removal.


Flipping the case on it’s side, we take a closer look at the bottom.    Here we can see that the case rests on six large feet that have anti-slide rubber attached.  In addition, the feet are molded to the bottom frame so they won’t break off very easily.  The bottom fan locations are filtered, the power supply filter measures approximately 7in x 6in, while the front filter is much larger at 13in x 6in.


The bottom filters easily slide out, and we are left with the large holes in the bottom of the case to allow airflow.  If desired you can install a pair of 120mm fans, or one 140mm fan.  Liquid cooling users can place up to a 240mm radiator (which includes a small 120mm or 140mm radiator).


The top panel has a large portion of it vented to provide airflow for top mounted fans or liquid cooling.  This vented area measures 17.25in x 6in, and can be removed by pressing at the back section to release two clips.  In the middle of the case at the front is the power button.


With the top vented panel removed we can see the included 140mm fan.  There is plenty of room for additional cooling, the Enthoo Luxe supports up to three 120mm or 140mm fans, or one 200mm.  Another option is to install liquid cooling, which can support up to a 420mm radiator!


Taking a look at the back side of the top panel’s removable wire mesh, we find that there is a plastic support frame and simple filter installed on the bottom side.  If placing fans or liquid cooling on the top panel, most will use it as an exhaust rather than an intake.  With that in mind, the filter provides a barrier to keep small particles from falling into the case regardless of whether you install anything at the top.


To help with installation, the entire top panel can be removed.  The front panel snaps into the top panel, so the front panel will need to be removed before removing the top panel, otherwise you might damage the snap in clips.


When the front bottom filter is installed correctly, it looks like it is part of the case.  It slides out the front of the case making it easy to clean.  The case is high enough off a desk allowing for the filter to be grabbed and slid all the way out.  Putting the filter back in is just as easy as the filter rests on a groove that runs the length of the filter.  The front filter measures approximately 13in x 6in (LxW).


The back filter slides out like the front, however here a little handle is provided that is angled up.  As with the front filter is rests entirely on a groove so it is near impossible to not install it correctly.  The back filter measures approximately 7in x 6in (LxW).

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