Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full-Tower Case Review

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Phanteks Optional Accessories


Along with the Enthoo Luxe, Phanteks sent along a set of all the accessories that they offer for their cases.  Some of these accessories are compatible with specific models of the Enthoo cases, while others are universal and would work with any case.  We will take a look at these accessories individually, and point out which ones are for specific Enthoo cases, and which are universal.  Each of these accessories come with a 5 year warranty.

SSD Bracket For 1 in One


This is the SSD bracket that comes with the Phanteks Enthoo cases.  The Luxe has two spots for this bracket, and it comes with two.  While the Pro only comes with one, but has two spots for the bracket.  However, the Primo comes with two of the 2 in One SSD bracket, and still has one spot open for another SSD bracket.  This bracket is currently available under part number PH-SDBKT_01 for $5.99 plus shipping.

SSD Bracket for 2 in One


This is the “Doublestack” SSD bracket that comes with the Primo.  This is available to add two additional 2.5″ drives to the Primo.  Phanteks does not list this bracket as being compatible with the Pro and Luxe cases, as we are currently taking a look at the Luxe, we tried this bracket in both locations, and found no clearance issues.  However, on the Pro, I would use a bit of caution as the back side panel might have issues.  This is available for purchase under part number PH-SDBKT_02 for $6.99 plus shipping.

PWM Fan Hub


The PWM Fan Hub is a universal fan controller that is capable of powering up to eleven 3-pin fans utilizing the PWM function.  Dimensions of the PWM Fan Hub is 38mm x 17.5mm x 46mm (WxHxD).  It can be found online for $14.99 plus shipping under part number PH-PWHUB_01.  Included in the package is a simple user manual, the PWM Fan Hub, velcro pad, four mounting screws, a Hub to MB PWM cable, two 3-pin Y-splitter cables, and a SATA power cable.  With this kit, you are able to control eight fans, Phanteks offers the Y-splitter cable by itself as well for $2.99 plus shipping.

1M and 2M LED Strip


The Phanteks LED strips are designed to work in a Phanteks case with a controller to light the interior of the case.  The controller will allow multiple colors to be selected.  The two strips are identical, other than their length.  On the back of the strip, 3M tape has been applied, simply remove the 3M paper and stick the strip where you want it to go.  The strips are waterproof, as the strip is encased in a thick layer of clear rubber.  Currently, this is only compatible with the Enthoo Luxe.  The 1M strip can be purchased for $14.99 plus shipping as part number PH-LEDKT_M1, while the 2M version is $19.99 plus shipping with a part number of PH-LEDKT_M2.


Each strip is capable of ten colors, which are:  Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Orange, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Yellow, Red, Light Blue and Green.

Pump Bracket


The Phanteks Pump Bracket is a near universal bracket for mounting your water pump.  On the back of the bracket, there is some rubber padding to reduce the vibration noise.  This is available online for $6.99 plus shipping under part number PH-PUMBKT_01.

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