OCZ ProXstream 1000W Power Supply Review


Final Thoughts

It seems like only yesterday that we were asking questions about whether our super-duper 400w power supply that cost us $79.95 was going to be enough to handle our systems. Those days are pretty much over unless you running a budget rig or small server setup. With the onslaught of high powered graphics cards, the need for more and more juice to run your rig is apparent. No wonder the graphics industry is looking at external graphics cards and power supplies that are dedicated to graphics only.

This 1000w Pro XStream unit from OCZ will certainly be a powerhouse in any rig. With its high polish finish, it is certainly an attractive unit that will look nice even in custom modded boxes.

It is also comes with a great warranty. OCZ has a great group of people to work with, and their service is second to none in my humble opinion, so warranty service will be suburb.

This unit not only looks nice and has a great warranty, but it also performs just fantastic. The rails on the unit hold up under load whether at default settings or overclocked. There was not one hick-up at all. You will not have any issues supplying enough power to your system with this unit. The unit also comes with enough connectors (and power) to run an SLi setup and more (it comes with four PCIe connectors).

The only gripe I would have would be the fan. I would have preferred to see a quieter 120mm fan used, as the included 80mm is quite loud. But even with that said, this is a unit for the power user and enthusiast, so noise is very rarely a consideration, or at least not a very high one, in their decision to purchase a high quality power supply.

The price on the unit in right around $275 (after rebate) shipped from various online retailers. At first, this may sound quite expensive, but a look at the other 1000w units shows us that this unit is right in line, if not a little lower than most in its pricing. You also cannot put a price on stability in a system. You are better off getting a high quality power supply and then getting a bit slower CPU if budget is a concern. The power supply is the heart of the system, and to go cheap on that is a mistake that many consumers make.

Legit Bottom Line:

The OCZ Pro XStream 1000w power supply is a great unit, at a great price in its catagory. It is sturdy and reliable and will prove to make your system the same. You can not go wrong with this power supply!

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