NZXT Kraken X40 & X60 CPU Water Cooler Reviews


NZXT Kraken x40 & X60 Packaging & Unboxing

NZXT did a great job with the packaging. I think if you saw this box sitting on a retail shelf, there is plenty of information to sell you on their cooler. The packaging isnt over-the-top and gives you just the right amount of detail. Lets take a look!

Starting off on the front of the box, you will catch a really nice picture of the radiator and pump/block. There is also a nice little heads-up about the 2 year warranty on the bottom left corner.

NZXT Kraken Package Front

Swinging over to the right of the box, we can find the compatible CPUs (both Intel and AMD), the mention of the much larger surface area due to the 140mm or 280mm radiator (vs. 120mm or 240mm). There is even a nice efficiency graph here. Take note that it doesnt mention the new Haswell 1150 socket on the packaging, but rest assured; it works. The hole configuration is the exact same between the 1155 and 1156 sockets.

NZXT Kraken Package Right

Spin to the back side and you can see a couple key points and a description of how and why the Kraken Series was designed.

NZXT Kraken Package Rear

Jumping to the left side is the specifications of the system like you saw on the introduction of this review.

NZXT Kraken Package Left

The top and bottom of the box dont really show you much. Youll catch NZXTs statement of why the Kraken Series was designed in other languages, while up top is just the product name in large font.

NZXT Kraken Package Top

NZXT Kraken Package Bottom

Lets crack these beasts open!

Popping the top you will see everything is placed into a cardboard tray

NZXT Kraken Box Open

and pulling the tray out, we see that NZXT sectioned everything off nicely to prevent damage to this delicate system. Even the fans and radiator came with their own cardboard sleeve, which I was happy to see! This means that the radiator shouldnt have any bent fins which can impact cooling performance; albeit by a very small amount.

NZXT Kraken Package Insert

Slipping off that cardboard sleeve from the radiator and looking at it and the block, we can see that everything is a sleek flat black. I could not find specific information in regards to what liquid is inside, but fear not, being a sealed system, you do not need to worry about adding liquid, algae build-up, or any of the headaches that can come with custom setups that some people may build.

NZXT Kraken x40 and x60 Water Coolers

Looking closer at the block and pump, you cant help but notice the pre-applied thermal paste. This is protected by a plastic cover from the factory. There are also a number of wires coming out of the block, which include the fan header, USB connection, and the 3-pin power connector. The barbs that come out of the pump will rotate, making your installation that much easier and cleaner!

NZXT Kraken Water Block

Popping the cover off of the block and looking closely, we can see that the block is not a mirror finish like some extreme enthusiasts like to see.

NZXT Kraken Water Block Close-up

The opposite side from the copper plate is the pump, and up here is NZXT in a decent sized font. This side of the block will light up and change colors with the Kraken Control software.

NZXT Kraken Pump Top

Both kits come with all the hardware that you need to install the radiator and the maximum number of fans. I think thats fantastic that they took the time to think about your possible want to expand, and give you the extra screws for doing a push/pull config.

NZXT Kraken Hardware

Heres a look at the brackets that will be used. In total, both Intel and AMD systems will use 3 of the 5 pieces here, with the round retention clip being used with both.

Looking closer at the Intel back plate, youll notice the spot that you have to insert the threaded metal inserts for the various sockets.

NZXT Kraken Hardware

Finally were left with a quick shot of the FX-1

NZXT Kraken Hardware

40 fans. Again, the Kraken x40 will include a single 140mm fan, while the x60 will include two.

NZXT Kraken Fans

Lets take a quick look and see how easy these Kraken liquid CPU coolers are to install in a Fractal Design XL R2 with a GIGABYTE Z87X-UD4H 1150 socket motherboard!