Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers Review

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Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers – Conclusion

Overall, the G560 from Logitech offer the complete speaker experience that I’ve come to expect from the brand, but they also impressed me by going beyond my expectations for both the lighting and sound quality. I loved the lighting. I loved the sound. Everything on the G560 RGB just worked so well and from top to bottom, I was thoroughly impressed with the unit. The Logitech G560 RGB set out to bring ambient RGB lighting to desktop speakers that sound amazing and they do exactly that. When I was briefed on the product, I had worried that in focusing on the LightSync technology and integrating lighting into the speakers, sound quality would be a secondary consideration, but that couldn’t be further from the case. Without the LightSync RGB lighting enabled and in play, the Logitech G560 RGB are an amazing pair of 2.1 speakers, as they look great, have an excellent sound stage and are compatible with a variety of platforms.

While the G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers from Logitech have been one of my favorite products to review so far in 2018, they aren’t without their faults, unfortunately. The G560 RGB tends to be slightly bass-heavy by default, but this is easily fixed by adjusting EQ in the Logitech Gaming Software. Unfortunately, if you are using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm connection you won’t be able to adjust the EQ, a PC is required. With these speakers being so fully featured and having Bluetooth compatibility, a small microphone monitor could have been included on one of the speakers to allow for voice communication over Bluetooth and recording. I know Logitech was trying to keep things simple and that mic functionality would probably be lost on most people who buy this unit, but it is something I would have liked to see, as my X Katana had a microphone input that I regularly used for PC recording. With the Logitech G560 taking over as my primary sound device and the Katana X being used on a secondary PC, I now have to source a new external DAC for recording from my microphone, or use onboard sound.

Logitech is one of the top manufacturers of PC peripherals in the world and they make my favorite mouse and keyboard, so it is nice to see them take a big step in expanding their RGB ecosystem to compete with likes of Razer and Corsair, who are fully submerged in the RGB pool. Logitech has always been more conservative in their releases I feel, but there’s something brewing with the G brand and they are making strides in new directions that I totally approve of. My experience with the Audio Visualizer and Screen Sampler modes of LightSync give me high hopes, as the company now has an extremely configurable, extensive RGB lighting ecosystem that they will only improve over time.

Comparing the G560 RGB PC gaming speakers to units from other manufacturers is a bit unfair, as no other unit on the market offers what the G560 due in terms of lighting functionality paired with sound quality. However, the $149.99 Razer Nommo Chroma sound good and do have an RGB circle powered by Razer Chroma, but they lack a subwoofer and don’t offer Bluetooth support. The $130 Sound Blaster Kratos S5 are another decent sounding set, but their RGB lighting is weak, they don’t have Bluetooth support and the sound quality is slightly less detailed and lacks mid-bass when compared to the G560.¬† The unit I’ve tested that compares best to the Logitech G560 is the $300 Sound Blaster X Katana, which sounds good and has an excellent feature set, including Bluetooth support and microphone inputs. The Creative Sound Blaster X Katana has the slightly better clarity on high frequencies, but the G560 wins in terms of bass and sound stage, as the stereo speakers can be positioned properly on the desk and spread out, whereas the Sound Blaster X Katana is a sound bar with those inherent limitations. The $100 MSRP difference between the X Katana and the G560 is where I really find value in the Logitech G560, because they offer a lot more in terms of visual appeal and the sound quality is excellent. I’ve tested a lot of desktop speakers over the years, but the Logitech G560 are the first to impress me in a long damn time.

The Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming speakers will be available worldwide starting in April of 2018. The MSRP of the Logitech G560 RGB will be $199.99 and the speakers are definitely worth it at this price, but I have a feeling we’ll see them go on sale from time to time, as Logitech is known for their occasional Best Buy sales and such, which see Logitech peripherals available at up to half off of their MSRP. After testing them for the past week, I want to let our readers know that the Logitech G560 RGB have replaced the Sound Blaster X Katana on my desk and I challenge any other manufacturer to produce the speakers that will dethrone them. Take care guys, I am going to get back to playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on these awesome speakers.

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Legit Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a way to bring your rig to another level and have a love affair with RGB lighting look no further, the Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers are pure audio bliss.¬†Beautiful RGB lighting effects paired with excellent sound and build quality positions the Logitech G560 RGB as a Legit Reviews top pick for desktop speakers in 2018.¬†

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