Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers Review

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Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers – A Closer Look

The Logitech G560 RGB PC Gaming Speakers are quite the impressive speaker set, featuring two satellite speakers with 2.5″ drivers and a subwoofer with a 6.5″ driver. Borrowing design elements from the MX Sound, but vastly improving the sound quality and feature set, the G560 RGB satellite speakers have a stylized oval shape with a rounded mesh front that features the Logitech G logo. While the speaker driver is circular, the extended oval part of each speaker contains diffuse material to reflect the two front RGB lighting zones. With aesthetics being a concern for PC enthusiasts, I’d say Logitech has done an excellent job of making the G560 RGB speakers look appealing to a wide variety of users. The styling of the Logitech G560 RGB will lend well to pretty much any setting, as the lighting can be disabled in office environments and such.

The right speaker of the G560 contains the physical controls for the speaker. The top side of the speaker is where the volume control and a programmable G button are located, with the default function of the G button being tied to a three level brightness control. Each speaker has a single color-coded cable coming from it that is 7.2 feet long, so you shouldn’t have any trouble routing to the subwoofer.

Moving to the back of the speaker, there is a power button between the headphone jack and a Bluetooth button. You can get glimpse of the RGB LED’s sitting underneath the diffuse material in this picture. There are just two LED’s, but a projector has it looking like four when in use. The G560 speakers have a really clean, clever layout, but the headphone jack being in the back, while the better aesthetic choice, does make it harder to access.

G560 Speaker

A G560 logo is lightly engraved into the plastic side of the G560 right speaker, giving it a very clean aesthetic that doesn’t distract at all from the speaker or lighting. The left speaker of the G560 doesn’t have this marking and has no buttons or other functionality linked to it.

Logitech G560 Speaker Rubber Isolation Feet

Rubber isolation feet are securely placed on the bottom of the G560 speakers so that it sits securely and evenly on desks. These feet hold the G560 satellite speakers very securely to the desk while also providing a nice amount of isolation to help prevent vibrations against the surface.

The black subwoofer included with the G560 RGB is a little beast and is rated at 60 watts RMS. While it’s not going to blow the pictures off of walls, this subwoofer definitely can provide some punchy, deep bass. Made from an MDF material and featuring a 6.5″subwoofer driver with a port, the G560 subwoofer should be plenty adequate for pretty much any gamer looking for powerful sound. The G560 sticker on the unit is removable, but I left it on because it actually looks good. There is plenty of clearance on the bottom of the sub thanks to the isolation feet Logitech has placed, which each have a large rubber cap on the end.

Logitech G Logo

A Logitech G is printed on top of the subwoofer, but it is a two tone black that looks very classy.

All of the inputs for the speakers are cleanly laid out on the rear of the G560 subwoofer, with color coded connections for both the right and left speakers clearly marked, with the right speaker having more pins due to having to do more duty as far as input is concerned. The USB input features holes for the included Logitech “Batwing” style USB cable, which is a stable of Logitech G products with removable cables. A small 3.5 mm input jack is on the rear of the subwoofer to allow for external input devices, which can run simultaneously with the speakers when they are connected to a PC or in Bluetooth mode. I really like how Logitech did the connector layout and the simplicity of it allows for a very fast, simple installation.

Now that we’ve checked out the speakers and subwoofer of the Logitech G560 RGB, let’s see how everything looks and sounds once it’s set up.

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