Intel SSD DC P4510 NVMe PCIe Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

First off the Intel DC P4510 was built for primarily for Cloud Service Providers that are looking for mass storage in data centers. The Intel SSD DC P4510 was released in August 2017 in 1TB and 2TB capacities and now the series has gotten 4TB and 8TB models. This is great news as it allows unprecedented storage density where real estate is more times than not limited.

On the performance front, the Intel SSD DCP4510 Series has solid numbers. We found that it had excellent transfer speeds, access times and random 4K IOPs scores. The overall performance didn’t blow the ‘old’ Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2TB U.2 drive out of the water, but it was faster in most all workloads. Moving to 64-layer 3D TLC NAND helped Intel increase drive capacities while not having any negative impact to performance.

The endurance on the Intel SSD DCP4510 series is 1.92 PBW for the 1TB drive, 2.61 PBW on the 2TB drive, 6.3 PBW on the 4TB drive and 13.88 PBW on the 8TB drive. Intel also placed a 2 million hours Mean time Between Failures (MTBF) rating and a 5-year warranty on this series. This should ensure years of use and abuse in datacenters and workstations.

Intel SSD DC P4510 8TB Enterprise Drive

When it comes to pricing the Intel SSD DC P4510 series starts at $654.99 for the 1TB model and goes up to $5506.55 for the 8TB model.

Intel SSD DC P4510 Series Pricing 

  • 1TB – $654.99 ($0.65 per GB)
  • 2TB – $1,338.08
  • 4TB – $1,324.57
  • 8TB – $5,050.59 ($0.63 per GB)

That puts the price per GB at around $0.65, which pretty good for the target audience. This drive is all about allowing data centers to cram more storage into a rack and have good performance, endurance, manageability and a solid warranty to fall back on. If you are looking for some drives for your next deployment we suggest giving the Intel SSD DC P4510 series a closer look.


LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The Intel SSD DC P4510 series is a solid performing drives designed by a company that has built products for the data center for many years. These are hard to pass up if you are needing large capacity drives with good endurance!

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