In-Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts of the GRone

The IN-WIN GRone chassis is a well designed full-tower that is fully capable of handling a multitude of different computer configurations with considerable ease. It was also able to make our computer system look stylish at the same time. Some of these areas that impressed me the most on the IN-WIN GRone are:

  • The swing out side panels; this in itself makes opening and or closing up this chassis extremely easy especially when working on this chassis in low light times of the day or during a LAN party.
  • The ability of being able to install a dual loop water cooling configuration with minimal loss of the capability of the GRone chassis
  • The wire-management capabilities of the GRone full-tower chassis are what I call top notch.

GRone Grey
There are  a couple of small areas that I feel where In-Win can improve upon with the GRone chassis, keep in mind these are what I would consider minor and do not count against my thoughts of this chassis. One of these areas is the external SATA tray, and the only thing I can see with this is that after a while of using this external SATA connector is that the tray area will be getting scratched up as we install/remove our HDD/SSDs from the chassis. And the final thing I like to see improved upon are the feet, the feet do not utilize any kind of rubber insert and may cause issues on surfaces that can be scratched. Please keep in mind that these are personal suggestions and do not count against the GRone full-tower chassis as they might not apply to everyone.
GRone Grey

The IN-WIN GRone full-tower chassis comes in at a price of $159.99 USD with $19.99 shipping, which gives us a grand total of $179.98.  At the end of the day this is more than a fair price for just about anyone needing or wanting a case at is large enough to accommodate all of their computing needs while providing room to grow in the years to come.

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Legit Bottom Line: The In-Win GRone is a perfect candidate for anyone that needs or wants an affordable full-tower chassis for an unpredictable future of PC needs!

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