In-Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review

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Installing Hardware into the GRone

GRone Motherboard Standoff Installation

Time for me to install my computer components into the GRone chassis, first things first is for me to install all of the motherboard tray standoffs in their correct mounting holes.

GRone Motherboard Installation

I got the motherboard installed into the GRone chassis and my first thoughts are, “The GRone chassis makes my ASUS X58 Deluxe motherboard look tiny.”

GRone Top Chassis Measurement

A quick measurement of the upper area above the motherboard.

GRone 3.5 HDD Installation

To install the 3.5” HDD into the HDD carriers is pretty simple, we align one side of the HDD to the included HDD silencing pins, then careful bend the opposite side of the HDD carrier to fit it over the HDD completely. It appears that the pins are slightly out of alignment, but once I got the HDD installed the pins did properly align themselves to the HDD.

GRone 3.5 HDD Installed

In-Win includes an extra mounting hole for those of us who wishes to fully secure the HDD to the carrier.

GRone 2.5 HDD/SSD Installation

To install the smaller 2.5” drives we need to remove 1 3.5” HDD pin.

GRone 2.5 HDD/SSD Installed

Once we remove that single pin we now can fully secure the smaller 2.5” HDD/SSDs to the HDD carriers.

GRone PSU Wire-Management

What the back side of the motherboard tray looks like once I gotten all of the hardware installed into the GRone chassis.

GRone CPU Cutout Check

Looking at the CPU cutout, and yes this cut out is plenty of large enough to handle a great variety of different motherboards.

GRone Final Installation

What the interior of the GRone looks like once everything is installed, I will have to say that is one clean looking computer. The side panels of the GRone do not slide and lock into place, they instead swing out. This makes buttoning up this chassis a lot easier and effortlessly.

GRone Fully Installed

What the GRone all assembled and rip raring and ready to go.

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