In-Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review

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GRone Packaging

GRone Box Front

In-Win does keep the box somewhat plain looking, nothing to fancy or flashy. We get the name, and a picture of the front of the GRone full-tower chassis. Both front and rear panels of the box are exactly the same.


Rotating the box 90° right brings us to the general features of the GRone.


Since the back and front panels look identical, I spun the box 180° to the final side of the box. Here In-Win prints the general specifications of the GRone chassis.

GRone Box Opened

Once we open up the packaging that incases the GRone from In-Win, we can see that this chassis follows the more traditional style; but, instead of using standard Styrofoam end caps In-Win uses a foam rubber for the end caps.

GRone Accessories

Time to look at what gets included as accessories with the GRone chassis; In-Win places all of the above contents into a zip lock style bag that can be reused on the accessories that we are not going to be using. In-Win also categorizes each accessory in its own individual zip lock baggy. These include:

  • Motherboard Standoffs and screws
  • 2.5” HDD screws
  • PSU, Fan Screws, and misc. screws (Odd screws)
  • Molex to 3 pin fan adapter
  • Wire ties
  • A EPS CPU power extension cable

GRone Full Tower

What the In-Win GRone chassis looks like once it has been removed from the confines of the packaging.

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