Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 2GB GHz Edition Video Card Review

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3DMark 2013

3DMark Trailer Shows Future of DirectX 11 Games – Fire Strike Demo

3DMark 2013 has several preset benchmarks, however the most demanding is Fire Strike.  Fire Strike is a DirectX 11 test that renders detailed graphics in real time.  This makes it the best one to use when testing a gaming system. 

 HD7870 3DMark Ice Storm

Ice Storm is the least intensive benchmark in 3DMark’s arsenal.  Not a whole lot different, a 12% performance difference. 

HD7870 3DMark Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is the next 3DMark test, here the difference gets a little larger, at 15%.  Not as impressive as the game benchmarks, but still double digit performance difference.

HD7870 3DMark Fire Strike

 Here we are again with a huge performance difference.  At close to 65% difference, Fire Strike really makes the cards work for DirectX 11 performance.

Benchmark Results:  If the games you play are only on DirectX 9 or DirectX 10, you can expect to get low double digit performance difference.  DirectX 11 is where the power of the HD7870 shows up, with 65% performance boost over the older GTX 560Ti

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