Gigabyte AORUS Gen4 7000s SSD Review


Anvil Storage Utilities

Anvil Storage Utilities 1.1.0

Along with the move to a new platform, we decided to make a change in one of the benchmarks. There’s a relatively new benchmark called Anvil Storage Utilities that is in beta but close to production. It’s a very powerful tool that measures performance through a variety of tests which can be customized.

Anvil SSD Benchmark with 100% Compression (incompressible data):

Benchmark Results: The AORUS Gen4 7000s 1TB SSD scores 18,840 points and the larger 2TB model scored 19,907 points. These are the results in the standard test with 100% compression (incompressible data). The 2TB drive had over 11% better write performance and that is why it scored so much higher.

Anvil SSD Benchmark with 46% Compression (Applications Test):

Benchmark Results: With only 46% compression the scores were lower, but the advantage still went to the AORUS Gen4 7000s 2TB model!