Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet Headphones



At $69.95 in their online shop you truly can’t go wrong for this very original and unique headset. Speaking of protection, the Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet comes with a full one year warranty, covering any and all manufacturing defects. So…. no this doesn’t cover using a Dremel tool to carve your favorite “My Little Pony” picture into the helmet and cracking it because you got so excited that it was “turning out just the way you wanted it to”. But it does cover the headset not functioning as it was intended to function. The user manual that comes with the helmet explains all of the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet

In conclusion I have to give major props to Gameskulls. This is a one man operation and he is doing it out of his garage, by himself. He had a dream and he is making it come true. He is not some corporate giant trying to sell you a shoddy piece of…….. I’ll leave that one alone. He is one of us, he is a gamer, a computer enthusiast, and a nerd just like you and me who thought to himself “Hey what would make me look like a total nerd at LAN’s?” (Just kidding Gus). He had a need for something, he created it, he took it to LAN’s and the people spoke. They wanted a helmet/headset just like his too. And so my friends we need to stand together strong and proud and salute our brother in battle as he has seen the mountain top and created not only something that gives us the sounds we want from a headset… it gives us the protection we want from rage quitters and the pwned masses worldwide.

Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet

Legit Bottom Line: The Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet is a breath of fresh air from your run of the mill standard configuration headset. Not only does it catch the attention of everyone around you, it will catch your attention with its sturdy design and above average sound quality, this is of course after a few tweaks to the EQ. While the helmet does tend to make your head get really hot and the webbing in the top tends to dig into your scalp with prolonged use, I think this can be resolved with the addition of 4 or 5 holes in the top of the helmet and some type of pad to cover the webbing. Other than that I had a great time testing the helmet and I am sure you will see me “geeking” around with it at a LAN near you proudly displaying my “Little Mermaid” stickers.

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