Corsair VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Review


Corsair VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Subjective Testing

Given that every person has different listening preferences, the type of sound signature preferred by one person may not be desirable to another. One other factor is that a person who has listened to inferior headphones without a proper sound stage may be completely unaware that better sound exists and that they are crippling their listening experience. I’m going to compare the Corsair VOID RGB to our Sennheiser HD558 headphones for the subjective listening test, as the Sennheiser HD558 provided a balanced, well formed sound signature. I will compare the microphone to an Audio Technica ATR-2100 USB microphone.


Even though the VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 is a gaming headset, they are surprisingly decent headphones for music playback. The VOID RGB has a neutral sound signature, though there is a slight emphasis on bass. My listening experience was a good one and I was surprised by the sound quality of the VOID RGB, though the sound stage and overall listening experience can’t meet that of the open back Sennheiser HD558’s. For example, in highs, there is very little separation or distinction. I must say, Moby’s Play and Massive Attacks Mezzanine, two of my go-to albums, sounded great on the VOID RGB. Listeners of bass-heavy electronic music will definitely enjoy listening to their favorite tracks on this headset. The wireless nature of this headset wasn’t a factor at all, as they sound crisp and there isn’t any apparent drop out or quality loss I could perceive, even at distances up to twenty feet. Fans of music that benefits from a wide sound stage and those who have listen to quality headphones such as the HD558’s aren’t going to be blown away, but will still likely find the music listening experience of the VOID RGB to be at least satisfactory.

I feel that the maximum volume output of the VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 is completely adequate, but there should be a more powerful mode available. On the plus side, even at maximum volume output, I never heard any crackling or distortion. The maximum volume output is loud and will be completely adequate for most situations, but sometimes I like to have a really loud jam out session and the VOID RGB just can’t get to that extra loud level that I like to experience. The sound quality is great and tuned optimally, especially when you consider that this is a wireless headset.



The VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 sound great with movies and the Dolby Surround 7.1 mode really works well here, though it is hard to replicate surround with a set of headphones. Captain America: The Winter Soldier had great sound effects and the VOID RGB Wireless 7.1 did help with the immersion factor. Voices from actors were clear and crisp, while music tracks played with clarity. The VOID RGB have a slight emphasis on bass, even when running them at flat equalization, but it isn’t overpowering. I’d definitely say the VOID RGB are good for late night movie watching, especially since their wireless factor means you can sit in a relaxed position, away from the system.


The VOID RGB really shines in Battlefield 4. You can hear where footsteps and bullets are coming from and the surround mode is very effective. I was pleasantly surprised with just how good the VOID RGB sounded in Battlefield 4, even compared to my HD558’s. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain also sounded great, with excellent stereo effects and alerts sounding very crisp. The helicopter sound effect with “The Man Who Sold The World” playing as I’d drop into a mission got me excited and the VOID RGB did a great job of positional audio effects in the game. Given the surround mode capability of the VOID RGB, they are geared to provide a great gaming experience as soon as drivers are installed.



The VOID RGB microphone is a weak spot. Voices sound clear, but somewhat distant and tinny. There is no way to adjust the microphone closer or farther from your mouth to compensate for your voice level, either. The InfoMIC status indicators are of limited functionality and I’d prefer if the mic was adjustable. With that said, it’s more than adequate for gaming scenarios and your teammates will be able to hear you clearly, just don’t expect to stream or record professional audio with the VOID RGB.


The VOID RGB has a good amount of height adjustment, so even those with large heads won’t have a problem with the VOID RGB being able to fit. The ear cups fit my ears well and offered good comfort over several hour periods. The upper headband foam is adequate, but it could use a thicker band, as I was fond of pushing the top of the headphone down onto my head so it would hold better. My wife found the headset to be comfortable on her smaller head at the first height adjustment setting. Even though there are wireless components, the headset is light on the head and allows for good mobility. It’s nice being able to get up and run to the kitchen, for example, while leaving your headset on, which is something you can’t do with a wired unit.

Additional Notes

The downside to our experience with the VOID RGB is that the microphone quality wasn’t on par with the sound output, providing distant, tinny quality, though it is adequate for gaming purposes. I also feel that the InfoMic utility is gimmicky and didn’t find myself using it at all.