Corsair Scimitar RGB Moba/MMO Gaming Mouse Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Scimitar mouse is something of a latecomer, but Corsair had a number of existing MMO mice to draw ideas from Razer Naga, Logitech G600, even Corsair’s own Vengeance M90 it’s clear the best features have been incorporated into this new design. The Scimitar does well in several ways – the palm ergonomic form is good and suited for long yet easygoing sessions, the Key Slider mechanism gives some degree of adjustment to the thumb buttons, the CUE software provides lots of possibilities for assigning macros, the use of aluminum in some places gives a bold accent, and the four-zone RGB lighting adds a nice touch of dynamic color.Corsair Utility Engine

Yet, there are some annoyances. A problem with other MMO mice is that it isn’t easy to access all of the thumb buttons. The Key Slider is meant to solve that however, we found it doesn’t adjust the Scimitar’s thumb grid forward far enough and our resting thumb is not positioned in the center of the grid. As a result, six thumb buttons are not within quick reach. In addition, the thumb button grid is positioned so close to the base of the mouse, pressing the lowest buttons along the base edge puts the side of the thumb in contact with the mousepad or whatever surface the mouse is being dragged on. That was something we noticed very quickly and it may not be comfortable for some.Corsair Scimitar

Corsair has labeled the Scimitar as a MOBA mouse which we doubted from the start. MMO mice tend to be tall in order to fit the thumb grid. As such they’re big and they’re not easy to maneuver which is important for positioning in MOBA games. The Scimitar is also very bulky for a gaming mouse. Weighing 147 grams, it’s nearly 1.5 times heavier than the typical gaming mouse. It may seem practical to bind spells or other actions to the thumb buttons, but MOBA gameplay is much faster than that of RPGs and the thumb just isn’t fast enough to handle separate inputs.Corsair Scimitar

Corsair’s new MMO mouse has some cool things going on that the competition doesn’t have, but the Scimitar isn’t the best. The Razer Naga has a better, more comfortable palm ergonomic and the Logitech G600 has more buttons in other places for more utility. The Key Slider feature on the Scimitar didn’t solve our problem of reaching all 12 buttons which we’ve experienced with other MMO mice. The yellow plastic accent is out of place and unnecessary given the dynamic RGB lights. For MOBA gaming, don’t even bother using the Scimitar for that – it’s not nimble enough. At $74.99 shipped on Amazon it’s competitively priced against the $69.97 standard Razer Naga with single color green LED lights, but the Logitech G600 which has RGB lighting on its thumb grid is much less expensive at $41.23. The Corsair Scimitar is good, but not stellar.


Legit Bottom Line: The Corsair Scimitar could have been the best MMO gaming mouse if not for a few annoyances using the thumb buttons.