Corsair LL120 RGB LED Fan Triple Pack Review

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Corsair LL120 RGB LED Fan Triple Pack –  Installation


For my installation, I used the CoolerMaster MasterCase 5 Pro with tempered glass side panel. Installation proved very simple, as I was able to install the Corsair fan hub and Lighting Node Pro on the rear of the motherboard tray in an area that CoolerMaster designated for a fan controller. Since the CoolerMaster fan controller is included with the higher-end MasterCase Maker 5T and I have no intentions on ever getting it, the space on the rear of the motherboard for it was a perfect place to install the Lighting Node Pro, with the fan hub installed directly above it. The USB cable from the Lighting Node Pro was routed thru a hole under the motherboard that was right by the onboard USB connector. I was able to use two unused SATA power headers from the cable going to my HDD’s to power the Lighting Node Pro and fan hub.

LL120 RGB - Fan Header Install

Installing the LL RGB fans was simple, as the cables were long enough to reach headers at the bottom of my motherboard all the way from the top of the case. The rear fan had a header right next to it and the cable was very easy to fold and tuck in between the chassis. Since the fan motor (12V) and RGB lighting (5V) run off of separate power sources, you can tune the fans for optimal noise levels and not have it affect your lighting, at all. In the past, this was an issue that affected LED fans, as the fans and LED’s would both run on the fans 12V signal, which affected the lighting based on the amount of voltage applied to the fan.

When I powered up the system the first time, everything worked, but my BIOS POST indicator gave me some weird issues. I double checked my connections after powering down the system and never had the issue, again. I am chalking up the anomaly to a loose connection, as securing the cables after powering down the system has seen the LL120 RGB Fan Triple Pack working flawlessly for the past several days.

Corsair LL120 RGB - Installed in MasterCase 5Installation off the LL120 RGB LED Fan Triple Pack will vary depending on the case you use, but as long as you have areas to install 120 mm fans and enough area to install the Corsair Lighting Node Pro and fan hub, you’ll be good to do. Both the fan and RGB cables are almost two feet long, so routing the fans to an appropriate motherboard header or fan hub and getting the LED wired to the fan hub should be a simple task for moderately experienced builder who is installing in a mid-tower case. I can see fan routing getting a little tricky in gigantic cases, but creative users should be able to find a centralized area for the fan hub to be installed so that every fan can have access. Corsair does make extension cables for their RGB connectors, so users with gargantuan cases aren’t left in the dark.


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