BlueAnt’s Z9 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Z9 Set-Up

Initial setup of the BlueAnt Z9 was extremely easy.  After a 2 hour charge to get the headset ready, we were able to pair the headset with every one of our test mobile devices with ease.  Our normal cache of mobile devices (Treos 650 & 750, Motorola RAZR V3, T-Mobile Wing, and MDA Vario) all paired easily and quickly with the Z9.  (Note: Our Editor-in-Chief still has not provided his writers with an iPhone as of this writing; please send complaint letters to Nate here).  Each phone had flawless compatibility with the Z9 and was on average to get at least 15 feet away from each device before experiencing static.  Call transfer to and from the mobile devices occurred without a hitch as well. 

BlueAnt's Z9

Under the Z9

One of the selling points to the BlueAnt Z9 is the noise cancelling capability.  In the past, headsets like the Qstik EVOQ and Gennum nXZEN have set the very high bar of what we consider to be almost flawless active noise-cancellation.  Both the EVOQ and nXZEN did an excellent job of filtering out the users background and isolating the voice so the party on the other end of the call could clearly hear the conversation.  Both of these sets had their drawbacks though with their high prices or the comfort level of each being less then superb. 

Z9 Volume Controls

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