BlueAnt’s Z9 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Taking a Closer Look at the Z9

Delivered in what looks to be BlueAnt’s signature clam shell packaging, the BlueAnt Z9 comes with 3 ear hooks, a USB cable, an AC adaptor, User Manual, Quick Start Guide and the BlueAnt Warranty Card.  Pretty much this is standard fare now for wireless headsets.  We have to point out BlueAnt’s warranty however, which covers the Z9 for 2 full years.  This is by far the best warranty for a wireless headset that we have seen.  The only hitch is that along with your proof of purchase, you need to have your original packaging for the warranty to be valid.  No big deal for most, just fold it up and stack it in the closet.

Z9's Box Contents

BlueAnt equipped the Z9 with the now-standard three buttons:  Volume Up, Volume Down, and a Multi Function Button.  The Multi Function button has an led indicator that surrounds it to give you current status of the unit’s readiness.  It flashes three colors –  Red, Blue, and Purple to let the user know the power status, pairing mode, low battery, charging mode, and call status.   BlueAnt included an very thorough user’s manual for the fine details, as well as a quick start guide to get you up and running within minutes.  Both of these manuals are very well written with detailed icons to represent each function of the headset.

BlueAnt's Z9 Clip and Speaker

The ear loops that are included are all the same length, so I guess BlueAnt is anticipating Z9 users to lose them over time.  The adjustment for the ear is basic and pretty straight forward and getting the ideal fit doesn’t take that long.  The earpiece is surrounded by a soft piece of rubber that makes direct contact with your ear.  Unless you have huge elephant ears, you pretty much have to use the ear hook to keep the Z9 in place.

As we read the specifications of the BlueAnt, the ability of the Z9’s noise cancelation electronics does not really overly impress or moves you as any great feat, but when you combine that and look at the size of the package BlueAnt presents, it makes you sit up and really take notice.  Measuring in at 1.5” x 0.69” x 0.44” makes it one of the smallest headsets that we have reviewed here at Legit Reviews.  The one headset that can even approach this small size is FoneGear’s MiniBlu, reviewed here in April, that is around 1.25” in length.  The MiniBlu didn’t do a very good job of noise cancellation, and the comfort level – or lack thereof – was almost unbearable.  We understand that companies have to make choices and sacrifices in what they present on the market to their customers, so we are quite interested what BlueAnt can give us.  With a MSRP of $99.95, we have high expectations of the Z9 to find an almost perfect balance.

Z9 with FoneGear's MiniBlu


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