Be Quiet! Power Zone 850W PSU Review


Be Quiet! Power Zone 850W PSU Review Introduction

Be Quiet! has been a very active player in the PSU market during the past few months. Not only have they released several new products and new series of units, the German company is currently on their way to “invade” the North American markets. We reviewed several of their products in the past, such as the top-tier Dark Power Pro 10 and the mainstream Pure Power L8. There is a huge gap between these two series however and Be Quiet! has released a new series of units, the Power Zone, in order to bridge it.

The Power Zone series is the “gamer” series from Be Quiet!, consisting of high performance, high quality units for those who are willing to pay more than a little extra for performance. It consists of four units, ranging from 650W to 1000W, so they are definitely designed for very strong, power-hungry systems. We are going to have a look at the 850W version of the Power Zone series today, which currently sells for $159.90. The current prices of the units available in the US are obviously in need of an update, as distribution is rather problematic for Be Quiet! at the moment, but we expect that to be fixed in the following few months.

Be Quiet! Power Zone 650W


Be Quiet! Power Zone 750W


Be Quiet! Power Zone 850W


Be Quiet! Power Zone 1000W


Power Zone 850W

Manufacturers features and specifications

  • 850 Watts of continuous power output with massive 12V rail design and DC-to-DC technology make this power supply ideal for overclocking
  • Variable speed 135mm SilentWings fan with airflow-optimized blades, copper core fluid dynamic bearing, and special 6-pole motor enables quiet operation
  • COOL*OFF feature runs fans for three minutes after system shutdown to protect your valuable components at their time of maximum heat stress
  • Connect up to three case fans for optimized system cooling that is thermally controlled by the PSU, quieting your whole system
  • Full cable management with quality sleeved cables and four PCI Express connectors supports maximum build flexibility and superior airflow in your case
  • 80PLUS Bronze certification for high efficiency of up to 89%. Support of Intels Deep Power Down C6/C7 mode
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

Continuous power (W)


Peak power (W)


Form factor ATX 12VVersion


Form factor EPS 12VVersion


Modular cable management


Special technology

Active Clamp + SR, DC/DC

Voltage (Vac)

100 – 240

Frequency (Hz)

50 – 60

Input current (A)

10 – 5



Power factor at 100% load


Compliant to Intel Haswell C6/C7


Compliant to Intel C6 mode


Power consumption in standby (W)


Average life time (h / 25C)


Operating temperature up to (C)



+3.3V (A)


+5V (A)


+12V1 (A)


-12V (A)


+5Vsb (A)


Max. combined current 12V (A)


Max. combined power 12V (W)


Max. combined power 3,3V + 5V (W)


Hold-up time (ms)