Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 XT USB Fan Controller Review


Aquaero 5 XT – not just a fan controller

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Anyone that has been at their computer while listening to some mellow tunes while searching the web has probably at one time or another notice the whine of their system fans. While this is probably just a minor annoyance to most for anyone that builds an enthusiast class system with more than just one or two fans this can be obnoxious. While the fan on your CPU cooler uses PWM to variably change the fan speed (and noise) the rest of the case fans tend to run flat out. In order to bring some control to this world most enthusiasts employ a fan controller that gives them many extra fan headers and the ability to manual adjust the speed of those fans as the situation changes. Turn them up during gaming and down during surfing.

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Manual fan control is fine but what if you are a real enthusiast and want more from your system? Meet the Aqua Computers Aquero 5 XT, arguably the most advanced system controller on the market today. Notice we said “system” and not “fan” because what you can do with this product is well beyond simple fan control.
The Aquaero 5 XT is manufactured in Germany from Aqua Computers who are well known for their water cooling focused products. The Aquero 5 series is the evolution from the Aquero 4 product that was sold for several years and was fairly popular among those that wanted extreme system control. The primary difference is the ability to control just about anything by anything in your system.

The Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 comes in three flavors:

Aquaero 5

Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 LT
$74.99 + Shipping

Aquaero 5 Pro

Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 Pro
$144.99 + Shipping

Aquaero 5 XT

Aqua Computer Aquaero 5 XT
$194.99 + Shipping

The differences between these three offerings is fairly simple. Starting with the LT, this is just the brains of the Aquaero 5 without a screen, heat sink, or any input buttons. Perfect if you only want software control and no front panel display. The Aquaero 5 Pro adds a graphic LCD and three input buttons, IR receiver, plus a heat sink. The Aquaero 5 XT has everything from the Pro but instead uses 4 programmable touch soft keys, three LED soft touch navigation buttons, and includes the remote control. Aqua Computers offers a 1 Year Warranty on all three models.

Key Features of the Aquaero 5:

  • Programmable four channel fan controller
  • Graphic LC display with backlight (except LT)
  • USB 2.0 and aquabus interface
  • Four fan outputs with current measurement
  • Versatile control options
  • Eight temperature sensor inputs
  • Flow sensor input
  • Universal IR receiver (except LT)
  • Output for IR transmitter
  • Three LED outputs
  • Potential-free switch
  • Two additional power outputs
  • Extensive alarm options
  • Acoustical alarm
  • Speed signal output for status evaluation
  • Expandable to a maximum of 10 fan channels

Maximum configuration, the following devices can be connected to an aquaero 5 simultaneously:

  • Two aquastream XT pumps
  • Six poweradjust 2 controllers
  • One tubemeter
  • Two multiswitches

Specifications of the Aquaero 5 XT:

  • Display:Graphic256x64blackandwhite
  • Units:metric&imp.
  • Controls:3+4capacitivesoftkeys
  • KeyLED:adjustable, red
  • IRRemote:HTPCkeyboard
  • Fanchannels:4internal
  • Maximumcurrent:1,65A
  • Maximumpowercosumption:dynamic
  • OutputforPWM-fan:channel4
  • RPMmeasurement:yes
  • Resolution:0.01%(16-Bit)
  • Heatsink:Aluminum(wateropt.)
  • Expansion:6external
  • Currentmeasurement:yes
  • Shortagedetection:yes
  • Programmable fuse:100mAsteps
  • Temperaturecontrol:yes
  • PWMChannels:2x16kHzPWM
  • Maximumcurrent:1A
  • Resolution:0,01%
  • Relayoutput:changer
  • Maximumcurrent:1A
  • aquabus:LS+HighSpeed
  • Temperaturesensors:8
  • Externalanalog sensors:>20
  • Externaldigitalsensors:temp/humidity
  • Temperaturerangeanalog:-40/120C
  • Displayaccuracyanalog:0.05K
  • Virtualtemperature sensors:4duesoftware
  • LEDOutput:RGB
  • Timer:32
  • Eventlog:2000 events
  • Profilestorageindevice:4
  • Languagestorageindevice:2

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