Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU Cooler Review

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TRUE Spirit 140 Noise Testing

Noise testing was a highly requested item by our readers, and with this new system, we have those numbers for you!

To obtain our noise numbers, we’re using an Extech 407750 Sound Lever Meter with the wind screen on.  This meter is placed six inches from the top side of the chassis on a level tripod. It and the PC case are placed in the exact same spot with the side panel off, as to not taint results, because the movement of just one inch can skew results.

All noise readouts are obtained at the end of the test (Idle or AIDA64) to allow the system sufficient time to get “settled in.”  Ambient noise readout was gathered from only the system fans running – not any component in the cooler.



Click the chart below to view it full-sized and easier to read.


Overall Results:  This air cooler was whisper quiet at idle – I couldn’t tell the difference between ambient and system powered on.  Looking at the data we find that the noise difference between idle and full load is minimal.

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  • OfficialG3

    i’d like to know which is better in terms of temps, my current thermaltake water 3.0 performer c (with 2 delta fans) or this cooler i just got from a giveaway using 2 delta fans ?

  • Vbsurd Vbsurd

    Is 4770k has default TIM or its’ delided?

    • Brian Nyhuis

      This just has the stock TIM in place.

      • Vbsurd Vbsurd

        Thanks for the info. It is important!

  • Eric

    Thanks for the review, especially the clear photo of the upper mounting plate on the mobo. It has the four AM4 holes, right next to the AM3 cutouts. You can see the layout on the Thermalright page here:

    Thermalright says on their site that coolers manufactured after Jan 1 2017 have the AM4 modification. Your review confirms it. So these coolers should work fine with both Ryzen and the older cpus.

    • Brian Nyhuis

      Thanks! I was happy to see that it was AM4 compatible, too! We’ll be using this one in the future for sure! I was also happy with the performance – great value indeed!