NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB Video Card Review

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Overclocking

We installed the EVGA Precision X v4.2.1 overclocking utility to see how the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB video card could be overclocked! You can use whatever software utility you like for overclocking, but this is the one we used today.


In case you forgot, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti card is clocked at 876 MHz base and 992 MHz boost and the memory is clocked at 7000MHz (effective). Let’s see how much higher we can get a fully enabled GK110 GPU with 2880 CUDA cores!


We increased the power target to 106% and the temperature target to 95C. This is the highest possible setting for each. We then slowly increased the GPU clock offset and memory clock offset to see how far we could go before the card would become unstable. We ended up with a GPU clock offset to +270MHz and the mem clock offset to +300MHz before we started to get encounter some issues. Anything over these clock speeds and we would hard locks when gaming followed by a total crash and system reboot. This overclock meant that we were running at 1289MHz thanks to NVIDIA Boost 2.0 on the core and 1901MHz (7604MHz effective) on the 3GB of GDDR5 memory. The card was running in the 80C temperature range with this overclock and we saw the power use in games hitting around 510 Watts.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Stock:


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Overclocked:


Not a bad overclock at all for a reference card with the stock GPU cooler and fan settings! This is an 1,794 point increase in our overall 3DMark score, which represents a performance gain of 18 percent.


Sadly, we had to reduce our overclock for it to be fully stable in all game titles.  By reducing the GPU clock offset from +270MHz to +235MHz we were able to get full system stability in any game title. This put the GPU clock at 1255MHz when boosting and everything was totally stable.

  GeForce GTX 780 Ti Stock GeForce GTX 780 Ti OC’d Percent Difference
Bioshock Infinite      
2560×1600 85.70 99.92 +16.6%
1920×1080 139.86 160.94 +15.1%
Tomb Raider      
2560×1600 85.1 99.8


1920×1080 144.3 168.5 +16.8%
Hitman Absolution      
2560×1600 31.1 36.6 +17.7%
1920×1080 51.9 61.1 +17.7%

A quick look at three game titles played at two different resolutions showed there was a 16.9% performance increase had from overclocking!

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  • dadyal

    update your benchmarks with new drivers

  • David Calloway

    uh-oh….. looks like some gtx 780 ti’s are REALLY heating up in the Asian markets…… did Nvidia suspend gtx 780 ti sales in these Asian markets ?!?!

  • Mr. Wankinson

    I’m just going to drop this here: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/1051386
    All the 290X really needs is proper cooling and a OC

  • Gallo

    I’ll take one. Cool and quiet, looks great AND beats 290X in most cases. Hello!

  • David Calloway

    Wow !!! There sure are a lot of used 780’s on Eb*y……meanwhile in a very luxurious board room in Santa Clara California ….. ‘ but sir…. do you really think they’ll sell at that price point? ‘…..( while laughing ) ‘ of course they’ll sell at that price point; our consumer research polls show that our customer base simply can’t help themselves.’….. and throughout the world the rustling of wallets and swishing of credit cards could be heard as green team loyalist geared up to purchase their second almost $700 gtx 780 for 2013…… : )

  • John

    Costs 27% more than a 290X with only 5-10% real world increase in performance.
    Costs 75% more than a 290 with only 10-25% real world increase in performance.

    Why are NV fanboys calling this a win?
    I’d be pissed if I bought a 780 at its launch and then this came out.

    • vick068

      why would people be pissed when they bought a 780 at launch? they had over 6 month to enjoy it.

      so by your logic, If you are always afraid that something down the road is going to devalue whatever you buy now you will never buy anything at all.

      you really got shit for brains if you truly believe that.

      • John

        And by your logic, everyone has $700 just lying around. You must have more money than sense.

        • jrabbit

          you really under-estimate how many people who can spend this sort of money, couple hundred dollars is honestly no big deal for a lot of people, usually these guys don’t go around forums complaining how expensive everything it, they usually just shutup and buy it and you never hear about them. people spend way more on travels, cellphones, decoration, clothing, handbags, arts and crafts, automobiles, various hobbies, you name it.
          if they truly enjoy this as a hobby or whatever means that justifies their means, they will spend that money. there is no point being all butthurt over it.
          deal with it, work harder, get a better job, or you don’t and keep complaining about how poor you are. peace out.

        • John

          Another example of someone who has more money than sense. Its not about ‘not’ having the money. Money is the least of my concerns. Its about spending it wisely. Which, obviously, neither of you have the sense to do, as a hobby, or otherwise.

        • themarkenone

          are you a Nazi supporter? who made you the police on how people should spend their money? gtfo of this forum you idiot.

        • John

          Now I’m a Nazi because I’m not dumb fuck that wastes money on NV’s stupid bullshit? Did you parents drop you on your fucking head? JFC, you retarded ass clowns are pathetic.

        • themarkedone

          You apparently have absolutely no idea how the market works, in fact, you seem to be completely foreign to how this world work, did you live in a cave for the past how many years? Do you really need to be taught something called reality for you to wake the fuck up?
          I guess all luxury items in this world should just disappear, luxury cars shouldn’t exist by your logic right? why are they still in business? oh right they are all stupid fucks, and you are the only smart person in the world. luxury clothing brands should all go bankrupt right? everyone who bought an apple were all stupid fucks right? because YOU ARE THE SMARTEST.
          You should probably check into a psychiatric ward and get it looked at because you clearly suffer from some severe delusional problems.

        • John

          Delusional? Ok, lets review this. You buy a video card for $700 and 6 months later they release an updated (i.e. its been unlocked) card that is significantly faster, for the exact same price. And you’re happy with that?
          I am fully aware of how the market works. This isn’t the same thing as when AMD outed their Ghz edition cards because you could just OC your card easily. No harm, no foul.
          These are fully unlocked cards, and they’re badass. But if I had bought an original 780 for that amount of money, only to have them release the exact same card, but unlocked for the same price, I’d be pissed.
          But you NV fanboys flock back to them for God knows what reason, yelling at them to take your money.
          Good luck in life, you’re all going to need it.

        • David Calloway

          I’m with you on this one John. It’d be like waking up to find out your $70K BMW M3 is now only worth $50K simply because it’s nine months old and the 2014 models have arrived. : )

        • Steve

          $700 is actually peanuts if you’re making a descent salary. You’re obviously not getting value for your money, but people willing to buy the latest and greatest aren’t aren’t thrifty penny pinchers like yourself. I have a friend who has purchased quad-titans when they first came out, sold them off, and is now going to buy quad-titan blacks. Has a fairly large nest egg of cash in the bank, and only makes a measly 90K a year. lol

        • Anon

          It was well known before the 780’s were released, that they were locked, and that a newer unlocked version would be released down the road. If you were one of those dorks that ‘jumped the gun’ and bought the original 780 @ $700 without doing research, and are now pissed with the price drop and newly released TI, then you were a fucking dumb to begin with, and deserve it. Seriously though, why do you honestly give a fuck? Idiot.

        • Obaman

          Hey ‘John’
          Just let me say that I agree with what you said in the beginning, you had a point that, yes, these 780tis are overpriced for what its worth.
          However, I would like point out that the 780Ti is widely accepted now as the fastest single GPU in the world, and these will be marketed as a premium product by anyone’s standards. Intel has been doing this, AMD has been doing, heck, every company out there has been doing this for as long as anyone can remember.
          So a markup on premium products shouldn’t be news to you, I honestly have no idea why you would be so surprised that there are people who are willing to pay a premium for these products. however I feel like you have dug a hole for yourself by dictating people’s spending habits, everyone have their own measure of value in their mind and you should respect that. I get that you don’t feel like these are the best purchase for you and that’s totally fine, nobody is forcing you to buy these products and neither should you be insulting anyone who does.
          just my 2 cents.

        • John

          And I totally agree about the premium. I merely said that I’d be pissed if I had bought an original.

        • Obaman

          Actually I’ve studied in the field of psychology for a while now, and there is something called the ownership phenomenon that people become attached tend to justify their decisions(whether its purchase or whatnot) despite what the outcome may be. They become optimistic to whatever object or idea they’ve made and the mind reassures that their decision is sound.
          And this may happen for either side of the group which is why arguments like these tends to spark and neither side will see the reasoning of others.

        • jrabbit

          Why is it any of YOUR concern how people should spend the money THEY made? Do you seriously have NOTHING better to do than trolling these forums and point out ridiculous crap like this? you seriously have priority issues in life and may I suggest getting out more and socialize with people instead of being an ass prick all the time. peace out.

  • Tony Velasquez

    Lol the guy below sounds like a Nvidia fan. I’ll go to whoever gives me best card for my money. Currently using GTX 570, but everything it’s pointing at 280x or 290

  • richardparker

    I bet you little AMD fucks had a nice little speech all prepared for the 780ti launch if they flopped but now gasping for air huh? After you wipe the blood from your buttholes go choke yourself on a nice juicy banana thank you very much.

    • Jereme Weatherbee

      Yeah totally butt hurt, I wish I would have waited on the 780
      ti such a stellar performance increase for only $150 more.

      Whats really sad seeing an OC’ed 780ti with the core @1,289.4 and the memory @1,900.8 with a Fire strike graphics score of 13418. overall score of 11735.

      While the poor little R9 290x @1,250 core and the memory @ 1,500 Scores a graphics score of 14585 overall score of 12655.

      Looks like mhz to mhz you get more performance out of the R9 290x.
      Plus whats up with the 780ti only having the ability to hit 106% power target? seems like it’s going to over volt like crap tbh.

      • basroil

        Poor little “1250MHz” 290X can’t actually keep that speed under default power envelopes. There’s now three sites confirming that the 290X cannot stay at 1000MHz without pushing it’s fans beyond 50% to a noise level that makes gaming without noise cancelling headphones difficult. 1250 would require you take apart the card to install a third party cooler, and likely mandate your PSU be outside specifications when providing power to the 12v lines (needs to provide more power than 8+6pin 12v + 75W PCIe should give).

    • Kif12345

      so let me get this straight.

      – 780ti barely beats the 290x for 2-4 fps in some games
      – 780ti is as loud as 290x

      – Power consumption is higher than 290x
      – Temperature is lower but still 84 degree is very high.

      and all that for $700. 150 more than 290x and $250 more than 290. lol

      I better wait for the non-reference AMD 290 (without the x) only for $399.

      Nvidia will always be overpriced.

      • themarkenone

        way to twist the truth

        it’s common knowledge that 780ti is around 10-15% (13%avg) faster than 290x while producing less noise and temperature, and doesn’t throttle.

        as for your 2-4 fps class, that is utter BS, in some games we see as much as 10+ fps difference, I remember when 290x benches were out, AMD trolls were calling for “massacres and destructions” when it beat 780/titan by a only few frame rates, and now the same trolls turned the table on this one. Oh the irony!

      • Ko zhi yi

        I have no issues with Radeon or GeForce, so I credit wirh Radeon

  • Tony Velasquez

    150$,more than the 290x for 5-10 frames it’s not worth it though

    • basroil

      5-10 frames? Look again, the 1440p+ numbers are twice that when both systems are overclocked. After all, nobody cares about base speeds with cards like this.

      • Tony Velasquez

        Believe or not most people do care about base speeds… Reason being they don’t wanna run into problems with overclocking

        • basroil

          There’s a little thing called factory overclocking. There are already 780Ti cards with base clocks of 980+ (10%), and exactly zero 290x cards on newegg with factory overclocks. And while even a 5% overclock on AMD cards is risky, Fermi and Kepler cards can easily be pushed 10% without issue. The reviewers here went on a ridiculous streak and bumped clocks up 25% and still kept 80c, compared to a max of 10% on the 290x with a dangerously high 90C+.

          Normal users would likely get neither card though, most would go with a 770/290 at most, probably 760 and 280x, and high end cards are far more likely to be overclocked (factory, post, or both) than what “most people” would use.

        • Tony Velasquez

          Well like I said most of my customers buy 780 for the simply reason they Wanna run their games with everything in ultra without any issues. Not all pc gamers know how to build a computer or how to overclock. (currently working as a sales guy for a computer store. Microcenter.)

        • basroil

          Those same people also don’t care if one card is better than another period, they just assume more expensive is better 😉

          We need to assume at least a reasonable level of computer competence, even if most people are dumb enough to never look at FPS numbers.

    • Ko zhi yi

      When AIB start producing their own custom design (especially Asus DirectCU II though, then it is not worth it). I personally pick a R9 290(X) DirectCU II or Vapor-X in the future

  • Scott Schuster

    I noticed that your card is only running on a PCI Xpress 2.0 Bus. Won’t that hinder the results?

  • richardparker

    I sense a MASSIVE amount of butthurt incoming by AMD fanboys around the world.

    • 63Jax

      really? this is all you got? this all you knowledge about technology? lame brother, lame!

    • David Calloway

      Nothing like the hurt felt by early gtx 780 adopters that can now finally purchase a fully enabled gtx 780 for roughly what they paid at launch. Nvidia sat back, took everyone’s cash and now to remain competitive launch a true $700 card. wow

      • mokobon

        I’m not hurt at all, buddy. I’d rather have my custom cooled gtx 780 right now for a much cheaper price and overclock it to specs of a 780ti. Better than wasting the extra dollars on braggin rights.

        • David Calloway

          I agree, the standard gtx 780 is finally priced right.

    • Kif12345

      said the delusional Nvidia fanboy.

      Keep buying those Nvidia overpriced products while its laughing at you..

      • 64jax

        Just remember one thing:
        the poor always got something to complain.

      • Ko zhi yi

        TBH, I no longer follow Techpowerup GPU reviews anymore. THeir test benchmark has shown to heavily favour NVIDIA. Imagine a GTX 680 beats both 7970GHz edition and R9 280X? A joke.