EVGA 500B 500W Power Supply Review

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Testing results (Regulation & Ripple)

t v3 v5 v12

Although the electrical performance of the EVGA 500B is not by any means special, it is more than satisfactory for the price level of the power supply. Voltage regulation is at about 2% for the 12V and 5V lines, while the regulation of the 3.3V line is a little weaker, at nearly 3%. Ripple filtering is not on par with high-performance units but it certainly is more than satisfactory for a sub-$50 product, with the maximum ripple we recorded being 64mV at full load, almost half of the 120mV acceptable limit that the ATX design guide dictates.

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  • Marx Marvelous

    The fact that EVGA markets it as Japanese caps and modular tells you all you need to know about these shady bastards. I have caught them in so many lies over the years, will never buy from this company again