Be Quiet! Power Zone 850W PSU Review

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Packaging and bundle

The box

We received the Power Zone 850W unit inside a sturdy cardboard box with a dark, simple artwork theme. The capacity of the unit is printed with large, bold letters on the front side of the box. Inside the large box, the power supply is very carefully packed and sandwiched between thick packaging foam.

The box (rear)

The most important features and specifications of the unit have been printed on the rear side of the box, in English and German. Although the box looks like a small manual, there is even more information about the unit in the company’s website.

 Bundle and cables

Aside from the unit itself, inside the box we also found a typical A/C cable, a well-written manual, five black 3M screws, a few basic cable ties and four packs of modular cables. The modular cables are wrapped in black sleeving with a dark orange decorative trace. Each pack is held together by a reusable cable strap.

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  • nocturnal2048 .

    “It is a very good product overall but still hard to find in the US. If you can find it for a reasonable price however, it would be a very good choice for a power-hungry gaming PC”

    Yep! I’ve been looking for one of the 1Kw versions and finally found one on newegg for $119.99 which is an amazing price when you take into consideration that these models were $189.99 at launch! Most reviews I’ve read say that it passes 80+ silver and even gold in some situations! Be Quiet is the number one manufacturer of PSU’s in Europe and I’m happy to finally get my hands on one! My R9 290 CF rig needs this PSU as it will not run with the current 800w Lepa PSU that I have now. As soon as it shows up on my doorstep and I have a chance to put it through the paces I’ll let you know what I think…great review by the way.