ASUS P8P67 and P8P67 Deluxe Intel Sandy Bridge Motherboard Review

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Taking a Closer look at the New Intel P67 Chipset

Sandy Bridge Wager

Sandy Bridge chipsets are going to be available in two different flavors. The first, the one we will be testing today, is the Intel P67 chipset. The second is the Intel H67 chipset. The primary difference lies inside what will be accessed inside of the processor. The Intel H67 chipset will take advantage of the integrated graphics on board of the 2nd generation core iX processors while the P67 chipset doesn’t.


Intel P67 and H67 Chipset Block Diagram

Above you can get an idea of how the new Intel chipsets and Sandy Bridge processors will interact with the remaining components of the system. An option that is available for both of the chipsets is the Intel Rapid Storage Technology. While the block diagram above shows that only the Intel P67 chipset can split the PCIe lanes for multiple cards, it does look like there are going to be a few Intel H67 based boards that will be able to run multi-gpu set ups.

Intel 6 Series Chipset Features

It’s plain to see that Intel has put a lot of work into the new 6 series chipsets. With features like integrated video on the processor and SATA6 support we are going to have a lot of features to look at today. Let’s take a look at the ASUS P67 motherboards we are going to be using today and then we can get on with some testing!

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