AMD Quad FX System Review with FX-74 Processors

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Mega-Tasking Benchmarking

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  • Sony Vegas 7.0 – Took a series of custom short movies and audio files and created a single video with HDV encoding profiles
  • WinRar – compression of two files (1GB total size)
  • DVD Decryptor – Used on Lord of the Rings
  • Downloading Ubuntu Desktop

For this benchmark we ran all the above applications and measured the time it took Sony Vegas 7 to complete. All four cores on the Quad FX system were at 100% load during this testing.

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On our custom mega-tasking benchmark we found that the Intel quad-core processor was faster with and without a full load. The Quad FX system didn’t do badly, but under load it was half a minute slower.  When it comes to a benchmark that takes five minutes to complete 30+ seconds is significant.

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