WD_Black 4TB P50 Game Drive Portable SSD Review

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Large File Transfer Benchmarks

Real World File Transfer

The first custom test that we are going to do is to show how fast each portable drive can read and write a compressed folder. For this we backed up a Steam copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the test file. The compressed folder was 30.5 GB in size and we moved it to the portable SSD and recorded the transfer time.

Benchmark Results: The WD_BLACK P50 4TB Game Drive finished this test with an average speed of 464.39 MB/s for writing that file. This is the best score that we’ve ever seen. 

Our hardest test is to copy the entire the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game directory and then move it to the portable SSD. This file is just shy of 200GB in size and really hammers the portable SSD being tested as it is one long sustained write operation. The WD_BLACK P50 4TB Game Drive finished this test at 918.13 MB/s and that is the best time that we have ever seen from any portable drive! 

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