V-Moda Vibe II Headset Review


In The Box

Vibe 2 Contents

The Vibe II with Microphone headphones come in Nero (black) and Chrome Rouge (Reddish) with promises of more colors to come. We were sent the Nero colored headsets and they are actually pretty funky looking. I dont know if I would actually call them jewelry-like, but they are certainly more stylish than your typical run-of-the-mill iPhone headsets or Radio Shack specials.

V-MODA packs the headset in two sections, one with the headset itself and the other with the extra earbuds and sports hook. The packaging is actually pretty clever and thought out.

Vibe 2 Box

The Vibe II comes with a ton of extra ear buds. V-MODA included four pairs of black and four pairs of clear silicon fittings (XS, S, M, and L) to ensure a comfortable and almost custom fit. When fitted properly, the Vibe II fits right at the top of the ear canal to seal out external sound. We had tremendous success with the previous version of the Vibe which gave us an excellent fit that was comfortable for hours upon hours of use.

The Vibe II headsets come with a lightweight and flexible earhook that provides pretty good stability for when you are working out. The point of these ear hooks is to take away the movement of the wire and isolate the headset so that the headphones dont fall out of your ear.

Vibe 2 Pouch

You can store all the earbuds and flexible earhooks in the very cool pouch that V-MODA provides. They say the pouch is Italian in its design and it certainly looks fashionable and it is certainly big enough to fit everything that V-MODA packs with the Vibe II.

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