Transcend JetFlash 110 2GB Flash Drive

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Another Look

Let’s take some more looks at the JetFlash drive now. First off, the drive comes bundled with an abundance of accessories. A quick setup manual, a wrist strap, a neck strap, a USB extension cable, and the utility and driver CD are all included in the package. There is also a small sheet of labels provided, but we could find no suitable place on the flash drive to place one without looking out of place. Drivers are only required for Windows 98, as Windows XP and other operating systems will self-install.


Looking at the flash drive it is easy to get confused.  Where is the connector?!  Fear not, because it is embedded in the drive and slides in and out with a tab on the side.  Rather ingenious considering flash drives will be transported and banged about and with an exposed USB connector it makes it easier to damage.  Not to mention it looks quite a bit sleeker than other drives that have a cap to go over the connector.  Traditional caps are much easier to lose as well.

Opened JetFlash

The unit also features a quite stylish blue led on the top that lights up when there is activity on the drive.  It is quite bright, but shouldn’t be bothersome unless looked at directly for long periods of time.

The software CD that comes bundled with the JetFlash contains three things.  First are the Windows 98 drivers, second is the various JetFlash utilities, and third is the Recovery utility that will put the JetFlash back to its default configuration.  The JetFlash utilities consist of PC-Lock, Boot Up, and Partition, which essentially do as their names suggest.  PC-Lock allows you to set an amount of time to keep the computer locked, as well as a phrase to remind you that it is operating.  Boot Up allows you to turn the flash drive into a boot disk using Windows 98, ME, or XP operating systems if your BIOS supports booting via USB.  Partition allows you to partition the flash drive into a public portion, and a private one.  The private one can be password protected and size can be set to anything.  This allows for easy and very private and secure storage for anything you need to hold onto. 

JetFlash Utilities

Let’s move on to benchmarks and other miscellaneous tests.

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