Transcend JetFlash 110 2GB Flash Drive



Flash memory has come leaps and bounds since it was first introduced a few years ago. In the beginning it was not uncommon to see 64MB flash drives going for well over $100. Now days it is getting easier and easier to purchase flash memory at very low prices. Today we look at a 2GB flash drive from Transcend, a memory manufacturer dedicated to producing flash and system memory.

Transcend JetFlash 110 2gb

The JetFlash 110 series from Transcend is their high-end flash memory offering, and comes in flavors of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB. Our test unit is the 2GB version and currently runs US$118 from online retailers. Each flash drive is a different color corresponding to its size and features a high quality finish. Now that we know what this flash drive is, why is it meaningful? The short explanation is that as technology progresses, other things get left in the dust. Currently flash memory is the most stable offering possible, as it cannot scratch like a CD, it cannot be de-magnetized like a floppy disk, and is overall, fairly indestructible. The last question you may have is: “Why do I need this?” Again, the short answer is its ability to make everything easier. Rather than swapping floppy disks and losing the set of 20 to install your programs, you can fit them all on a single flash drive. You no longer have to pull out your hard drive to transfer music to your friend’s computer. You have an easy and fast way to save documents, pictures, and anything else you could want, without having to deal with burning a CD or a small floppy disk. Rather than being only enthusiast friendly, they are everyone friendly. Now that we know where a flash drive can fit into your life, let’s go on to the next page. There we can take a look at the specifications of the flash drive, as well as the “Ultra Speed” claim from Transcend.

Transcend JetFlash 110 2gb

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