Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C Magnetic LED Strip Control Pack Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Thermaltake Lumi Color 256CThe Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C is easy to install, easy to use, and the lights are bright. It’s great if one is looking for a straightforward and convenient RGB case lighting kit of which there aren’t too many out there. There are only two multicolor light effects, flashing and smooth rolling, but that should be enough for most people in addition to a steady glow of any of the 256 colors.Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C

The magnets hold the LED strips down quite well once the positioning has been settled upon. We carried the cases around like if we were moving around at a LAN event and found the strips still in their installed positions after flipping the case over several times. The control module was not small enough to be concealed within the cable management compartments. It is inconspicuous enough that it won’t be easily noticed if placed off to the side.Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C

The Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C costs $44.99 shipped from Amazon, which is quite more expensive than its main competitor, the $31.99 NZXT HUE. The Lumi Color 256C has magnets for mounting, a smaller control module, and a more flexible cabling and daisy chaining implementation, however it has more or less the same light effects and a total strip length of 1 meter compared to the NZXT HUE’s 2 meter continuous strip. Of course, the Lumi Color 256C isn’t competing with the all-out HUE+, but we’re being cautious with the value of Thermaltake’s RGB case lighting kit.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The Thermaltake Lumi Color 256C kit is easy to mount and adjust thanks to magnets, doesn’t rely on software to deliver its color effects, and gives great internal lighting.